Monday, June 29, 2009

Karen Walker Score!

I think that Siricco is going to be my Karen Walker Cash Cow. I hope anyways. I keep going in, and finding great Karen walker Sunglasses, always on sale for $60. I bought this ANNIE style pair today, determined to put them on ebat as soon as i got home.. but i think I might like them!? This was the original KW pair i wanted, she's just rereleased them in black for the current range! Are they passe tho? Georgie wanted them from Dakota recently and i said NO (at $300 this is fair enough) but i kinda like 'em...
KW Runaway arrows on the sides in black
Prepping for sale.. pause.. prep... pause... contemplating...
As seen in the current KW EyewareRange!

Great news- YAYYYY i won the bag! I woke up at 4am, and slowly bid (in my slumber) and it said "You are the highest bidder" with 1 second to go. WOOOO!!! I got it right on the top of my bag budget, $255US, and then as an added bonus i found i still had 160 in my paypal. Am a bit nervous as i only just realised the bag was a display model with minor scuffs. (how did i miss that in item description?) Nothing i wouldn't do to it in five mins to it anyways.

Something that is bothering me is my Leonard Street Booties. Mostly because I have only worn them about 6 times, and only ever to work, but they look old, tired and horrible! It doesn't make ANY sense what has happened to them?

And something that is REALLY confusing me is that each time i try them on, it feels like the heel gets less and less balanced (like it's moved to the centre of my heel) & so I don't wear them. I saw the same booties in Glenhuntly Rd on the weekend, and noticed they have a normal, straight heel. Looking at mine again, there curve seems strangely severe. (oh and i snapped the leather lace last week when trying them on, again)
Thinking about writing to them and queerying what's going on with the heel. it looks like mine was always like this, but why were the ones on Glenhuntly Rd so Well-balanced?

On my way home i saw my favourite Peugeot bike. I have been photographing Peugeots (which i only ever see in orange, green or white) each time i see one, because i think it is the coolest bike i have ever seen. If I see one for sale im afraid i will succumb to my shopping illness + have to buy it! (In particular the orange one i saw at the Collingwood Childrens Farm Cafe one Saturday morning! I saw the owner in toorak rd early one morning, and BOY was it squeaking/rattling!!)

I would LOVE one in good condition. I wish one was hiding in a storage garage somewhere!

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