Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bad Hair + Jet Planes

I have an hour to kill til mum drives me to the airport, so it's time for a sook.

My hair looks terrible. Yes, groan, the hair. I havn't been able to stop trimming it, and it's turning into a disaster. This is where I have to step back and say "STOP". Wish i left the cut as it was, but it once again felt like she hadn't done anything. f@ck. F&CK. Plus the fixed colour is really yellowy and strange. That's like 6hrs in a hairdresser chair now, only to have it look worse than when i started.

here is the worst part... the RHS. I am too scared now to try and straighten the side up, and I cut extra in which didn't fit (all with nail scissors) That's how this happened in the first place!
Other side is normal...
Dressing for the airport COMFORT ONLY. These new Country Road trackies remind me of my primary school ones!
Mum bought me a new packpack today with wheels. Hurrah! fantastic. Urgh- the fringey cut, goddamn my DIY attitude!

Okay, it's time to go..


Bye bye dan!

Am so happy with the invitation i made for dan's leaving work drinks- he's off to set up his own company. Brave in such tough times!

Trump, so appropriate !!!

Im so tired. Can't wait to get on the plane and get outta here (just a few hours to go!)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Packing w/ a Lost Suitcase

So, how does one lose a suitcase?

I have no idea, they are hardly the most missable of items to store!

Which is why Im so baffled- my favourite backpack/suitcase (it's a suitcase w/ wheels, shaped like a backpack, that turns into a wearable backpack when you unzip the straps on the back- perfect solution for all travel scenarios) has vanished! There is maybe 10 places in the house where it could have been stored when i came back from overseas last year, however all of them have come up luggage-less. So confusing. I have double, triple, quadrouple checked. Nada.

Aside from this Ive only got access to mum's bags, which arnt really suitable (too big/small/heavy) so we probably need to run into town in the morning to pick something new up- quelle hassle!

I think i also need to fit in another trip to the hairdresser. I am being terribly pedantic, but I think my proxy hairdresser, Kristy, did a v average job. Im just not sure if it's my imagination, or if it looks like I am almost due for the hairdresser. This is a full head a week after.
I know i know, it's not THAT bad, but Im just thinking about being without proper hair styling facilities, it's going to be a shocker in a couple of weeks time!

Packing wise, things are under control. Im hoping I have covered all the toiletry bases..
On the way to Dubai I am going to read these mags + alex james book/ louis theroux book (in between all the sleeping, haha)
I plan to buy more magazines at the airport. Im realising magazines are becoming more and more a waste of money. I felt near pain trying to get through this month's Harpers, in fact i don't think i finished it, let alone gave it a second flick through!

Shoes. Almost thinking about taking Marc jacobs jellies/ runners. Looking a bit sparse?!
One thing i did decide was that i well and truly ruined my yellow leather/beige canvas Mimco bag with chain handles last year travelling. It's not worth putting the Marc Jacobs in harm's way, I pulled this one out of the cupboard- i am being so sensible! Old peachy Mimco, w/ a long mimco strap off another tan bag. Geez i be over Mimco, but this will suit my travels nicely.
ok. I went to bed at 3am last night, and it's 1:08AM now. I think i need to sleep, Deep deep long white space........

Saturday, August 8, 2009

I want I want!

I just found these Sunglasses, made by GREY ANT in the states. The style is called Status, they are like thick wayfarers, crossed with recent Linda Farrow styles.. damn cool! I tracked them down online, look like they're about 245US. Not bad!? Must get!!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Last minute additions

I can't believe it's just a couple of sleeps and Ill be on a plane to London via Dubai. Excitement building. Can't wait to get away from the hoohar that was GTTGL and the office and the generally boring vibes of late. Everyone seems to be slumping, but there is such a palpable feeling of dissatisfaction with the people around me, that I just can't wait to get away from it all- ride bikes, go to pubs, eat Bratwurst, hike in the Carpathian Mountains!

In the last weekend before I go I did a wee bit of shopping. Got a bigger size in the converse, now they're good. Bought Nick some plain white High Top all stars & found him a great Saba shirt for $4 in the Op shop just up the street! Hope it fits. It's almost the same check as Country Rd right now- but blue and orange.. awesome.

Mum bought me this Gorman top this week, reduced from 249 to just 60 !!! I have loved this fabric all season..
The only problem is that I didn't try it on, and the shape is terrible. It's seriously a +5kg top, it's really wide, cropped, and the neckline is so Grandma. Im going to take it with me this week and see how i go.
Could not get a flattering shot wearing this top no matter what I did!

I went in to Target today to buy undies, then totally forgot to buy any! I stumbled accross this Maxi dress with butterfly sleeves, and was quite taken with it- so practical! I love a maxi with sleeves that's not Amish. Not to keen on that butterfly pattern on the fabric, but I think you can barely recognise what it is! $55. WOO.

Ties up in a bow at the back.
Great sleeves!
Tinkerbelle is going through a phase where she will ONLY sit on the couch arm. It's super cute.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


For no other reason than im trying to find a picture of the amazing green Balenciaga shoes i saw in this month's Harpers, and whatg d'ya know- I find these dream shoes- I know the description of a dream shoe could be any number of shoes from their footware range, but these in particular. Love the ties.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Packing for Euro Summer 09

Today I was at work when I received an sms with the best news possible before an overseas holiday (for someone who has had a stupid broken camera for the last few weeks)

WELL- Camera was fixed in 1/4 the amount of time I was told, and it was ready to be picked up at Teds!! AMAZING news!!!! I was planning to take Marcus' old camera as an emergency, but it was fancy and jam packed with difficult settings, and last night I gave up in frustration because I couldn't work out how to get the flash on. Now i needn't stress because I will be with m'ol faithful, Canon. Crisis averted.

So i decided to start packing + figuring out what will be my euro 09 summer wardrobe. Unfortunately I can't get the Maxi dress in HOSS out of my head. Maje. I am in two completely opposite minds on this. I can't find a single photo of this dress online, which i find utterly bizarre.

1. I am moving out come Sep and won't be able to afford such luxuries soon if all our saving goes to plan.
2. It is a stylish maxi which i would wear all the time- loose and tentish, but not too oversized and unflattering.
3. It has a beautiful neckline for a maxi.
4. It is totally cool and I love it.
5. It would be amazing in all cities- including back in Melbs- day or night.
7. I got a big Tax return

1. I am going on an overseas holiday next week.
2. I have these moments all the time where I am overcome with emotion for an item of clothing, eg the Maxi Zimmermann, which I am now relatively over (it will not make it into my suitcase)
3. We want to buy a house.
4. can only make the excuse I need this and will wear it every day only so many times (similar to #2)
5. I may want to go bananas shopping in Topshop / general UK/ Berlin vintage. (I think this is the most important one right now!!)
6. I need to save my tax return (and pay for my accountant!)

blah blah blah. # 7 should be, get some perspective on important things! :)

There is this style in a drab tie dye called the Gladys made by Maje, slightly similar neckline- but that's where the similarity ends.

So on the weekend I saw these boots- a cross between a granny boot and a doc marten- at Cotton On (Rubi) and despite hating all their shoes, and knowing i would never wear them- I bought them! I brought them home and shoe polished them black- however I think once I polished them they went back to brown. I loved them so much I planned to wear them out on Saturday night HOWEVER as soon as I had them on with my outfit i thought they looked clunky and too grunge. So, I won't wear them, but here they are..

Was wondering if there are any ideas for bad hair days whilst os- scarf bow?
Is this a bit Melbourne Cup? aka Fascinator?
Possibly, but i think I dig it!

Okay, so moving on to the OS basics. I think the Zara Leather jacket will come with me everywhere, not sure what dresses i want to bring, cause all my summer stuff is a bit NQR to think about right now (maje? haha) FINALLY bought some black haivanas.
Sass & Bide Tunic, tights, jacket, thongs- wear wherever?

See by Chloe tunic + tights + converse lows = bike riding berlin
(Provided i can exchange them for a bigger size, they are so uncomfortable!)
Vintage Bessi + Bloch ballet flats. Considering for birthday Berlin outfit?

Okay... need to keep thinking about this.. but too tired! Had a sneaky sixy at nick's last night, so i think it's caught up on me now.

My oldest workmate resigned yesterday to start up a business. Will be interested to see how that all goes. Probably should be sad, but just wanna get out of the office for a bit before my mid year slump kicks in to the max!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Small Sunglass retrospective

Am trying to sort out what photos Ive had and what I lost, and in doing so- I've come accross some a few pics of sunnies Ive various times, in the time that I've had a PC computer (who knows what's kickin around on the old mac!)

Karen Walker Black Super Strength. I love you.. where are you?
Wearing them on the beach in Darwin..
They went missing after I came back from WA. Have looked so many times, but unfortunately this is their last known outing..
At a Margaret River Winery called Cape Lodge.

LUCKILY i have the Super Strengths in Corn Yellow. Yes, my amazing clown glasses. me posing like a loser. (I think I was actually posing the t shirt, which I'd just sewn)
James modelling them on a Houseboat in Echuca..
Speaking of Echuca- These Ditas dissappeared after work party up there! Extremely upset about these, and trying not to lose hope that one day they will re-appear.

Speaking of dissappearing, what happened to that Karen Walker Stars necklace?
In the Gold Coast, wearing the sunglasses I miss the most!!
Brainwave!! - ebay!!!??

Noticed this photo, which is what gave me the idea to blog sunnies. Holy cow, these ditas are so paris hilton? and wrong? I remember seeing these in Scanlan and Theodore, love at first sight, and i went weak at the knees..
As with these Michael Kors sunnies, circa same time - hip to be square.
The Karen Walker Deep Freezes, that im not so sure about, but are coming overseas with me next week!
Lame photo taken in the car outside Down Yonder straight after I bought them!

Ok, that's all for now. I really really need to pack. I am sitting next to the bath, the water has probably gone cold by now!