Friday, July 31, 2009

Some sleep would be nice right now

Damn, i am so tired, staying in tonight, but i've drunk so much tea that I can't sleep. I just cleaned out the kitchen, behind the micro and all the awkward possies. Plan to try and get a lot of the house done this weekend- i have been lazy for weekends as long as i can remember.

good news- the album in the three weeks it's been out debuted on the American college charts at number 65, went to 54, now is at 50! Good to see it's going up, even being in the top 100 is amazing.

Discovered Maje, a cult parisienne Label today in Chapel St at lunchtime and fell in love with one of their Maxis. So gorgeous.. expensive... but worth it. Am seriously contemplating an investment after the hairdresser tomorrow, but i wonder if that money is better spent in London/berlin (and i see amsterdam has some great shops too).. Plus im just worried ill be so sick to death of maxis by summertime.. any of the ones I've worn in the past couple of years are so over now. Hate that gross, cheap looking chain-store neckline they all seem to have!
Why can't i find a single photo online of this amazing floaty silk dress!?

I've just been on net a porter seeing if there's any goodies to pass the time and make me sleepy.

Now Im a cat lover, but seeing this new Marc by Marc Jacobs bag makes me think someone on his design team has gone a little bit mad. In fact it's the ugliest bag i have seen in a while.

But it's far from gloom and doom at Marc Jacobs, with this dress being number 1 on my wishlist!! All i need to make this baby mine is a lazy $1200USD...

I can imagine drooling over these Givenchy gold boots a couple of years back. Potentially now a touch on the gaudy side, but i still respect how OTT awesome they are.

Not much else caught my eye really - a good thing! haha

Finally went and visited nana, so i am feeling a bit better about the trip as she's calmed down on my frivilous spending and 'excessive' trips to europe. (i hope!) Her and mum are contemplating going to Latvia next year to visit fam, so that'd be interesting. She's put money aside to bring andy home for christmas too.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New Blogspot !

What a constructive waste of work time! Whilst it’s quiet ive set up a blogspot for the band.. so far just reviews, but getting there… slowly! (in fact it took all day to just get these ones happening!)

Am pleased with it so far, need to inject a bit of personality yet (Photos + ramblings + videos)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New Zimmermann fancies

Very much fancying this Zimmermann Tea Rose Blazer (the lovely lightness of the fabric)
Does remind me of the fabric on my nana's couch.. wish i could buy it before os. Would love to wear it with denim shorts/singlet/big watch!

This floral jumpsuit has totally captured my imagination. I love the shape, the fabric, the print.. This tea rose floral takes on a different look to the blazer (the blazer really does remind me of a country op shop, but it's cool!). I can see myself buying this on impulse, esp right before i head off to london...

Hard to tell what kind of shoes to wear with it if it was more of a casual outfit.. sandals could look dumpy, thongs would be totally NQR. Toughie.

The Bluebell long sleeved lace maxi would have been an easier dress to travel with (oh man, just thinking of that vulnerable delicate delicate witches frill!)

Trip Planning

I've just set up a blogspot for the SC's! I figure we are so done with myspace, that it's the way forward until we get a proper website. Fingers crossed all the drama of the tour plays out okay though. Next show is on at the Toff w. the CrayonFields, but Ill miss out on this one because Ill be in Berlin!!

Woowoo, berlin....

Standing in Kreuzberg, East Berlin, 2004
(rip the delightful Karen Walker hat Im wearing, which i dropped in Bar Open!)

Am trying to figure out what I need to take and it's difficult because i am feeling like a hideous bushpig lately, can't wait for Saturday so I can finally get my hair fixed up. Roots are beyond out of control, hair is insanely long! (whoever thought that would be a problem?) can't believe the lack of confidence some regrowth can cause!

Sooo.. at the moment Im trying to get an idea of what ive got, and what's missing..

- Sass and Bide super low cut black studded dress tunic
- American Apparel black singlet dress (to wear underneith)
- Sass + Bide cream embroidered tunic

-Zimmermann long sleeved maxi (i can barely wear this to work without panicking i am going to snag it.. so Im scared about this one!)
- Paisley summer dress
- Short sleeved Maxi ?

- 3 normal tops? tbc
- Plain black singlet

- Black Leather Jacket
- Long red Kookai frill cardigan
- Metallicus red bow cardigan
- yellow cotton cardigan

- Topshop stretch jeans
-Sass & Bide Crackerjacks
- Skinnies - not sure which pair, perhaps lee as i can roll the legs nicely.

- Metallicus scarf
- Beret
- Umbrella
- Hoodie
- Trackies

- ballet slippers
- Thongs
- Brand New Converse lights!
- Sandals?
- Cap
- Necklaces tbc

hmm... but i dunno.. it's not quite coming together.

On a completely unrelated matter my mum bought me this snazzy bike riding top! it's made out of some special fabric where you don't get hot or cold- apparently.
Have only worn it out once because lp's bike pedal is broken, and he's now riding mine.

I need a good sleep. Drank last night, and have decided im going to do dry until we leave.. or at least am gonna try! That damn lil creatures has got me hooked. I think it's making my skin grey!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Happy Bday Bryanna (Dora)

I helped Nat design a Dora themed party for her daughter, Bryanna’s, 5th Birthday last week.
Parties are so much fun- she is making a dolly varden cake with dora’s head sticking out the top.
Obviously not a huge artistic challenge to get these done, but so fun nonetheless. And do effing cute.


Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mish Mash + House Hunt

Okay so i should really have things to write about- but because I have no camera right now/ drink too much little Creatures on an almost daily basis/ suffer chronic laziness- shock horror - no diarising my daily nothings!

I picked up the finished SC album from Scott's house yesterday in kensington (which now has me romanticising about a home off Macaulay St somewhere near where he lives- the pretty leafy part of kensington you see from the train when you catch a train to the showgrounds!) The album looks amazing! Must take some pics.

LPs and I booked in a trip to Amsterdam today- so in 2 weeks we're looking at London- Berlin- Bucharest- Brasov - Amsterdam. Am trying to figure out what sort of wardrobe i need and it's becoming ridiculously difficult. Apparently it's raining in london, it's mild in berlin, it's boiling in romania! London is the trickiest bit, it's just too hipster to be true, and i feel like I need to bring a whole range of clothes just for the few days I am there!

I went to pick up this american apparel anorak today, and discovered it wasn't even waterproof- so what a useless jacket! I breathed through the nylon, and it wasn't even windbreaker! Why would anyone pick this noisy nylon, if it didn't even work for what you'd buy it for- it's a "fake"! It's listed as "Rain repellant" and costs $161. The chicks in the changeroom were extremely rude too, I kind of got the "what the uff do you want, interrupting our conversation?"
It's a shame because i could see myself wearing this with ease... with jeans, and a pair of Converse Lights in Milk. General walking around in the rain type of gear.
I think they are better than any of the high tops i have, definitely better if i want to wear with a dress or shorts (which i won't, my white blotchy legs are covered in bruises right now and certainly not in summer condition!)

Anyways so after booking the remainder of the trip, and having it all paid off (or on our cc's at least!) i started thinking about buying a place, and where we are going to look. Whilst the idea would be south yarra/ windsor/ east st kilda... i think i probably have to widen my persepctive and get out of my comfort zone. The shoebox single front we saw a few weeks back, just off punt rd, went close to 600k i think... which was a bit of a shock as it was so lacking in space, and didn't have the best vibe. Plus, let's face it- this is out of our budget!

So looking into kensington i saw this new york townhouse, quite in love with the idea of it...

New York Latte Lifestyle Price Guide: $370,000-$400,000
Close to the river, transport, shops and city, this contemporary 2 BR, 2-storey New York style apartment with central spiral staircase, skylights and vaulted ceilings is sensational. Features two balconies, polished floor boards, spacious bathroom, intercom and remote control under cover parking. I think you would go insane with vaulted ceilings!

Outdoor entertaining + trees- check.
Floorboards, not claustrophobic- check. (from photos at least!)
Upstairs bedroom, ok.

This house is so gross, that I love it. It's captured my imagination with the type of amazing (& expensive) renovation you would be able to do on it! It's in West Footscray, so not exactly my south yarra dream, however I think im going to consider further afield...

I can almost already see the junkies crawling around the house waiting to break in and steal all my treasures!

Footscray's cheapest house? In need of plenty of work this single front home: *Comprises two bedrooms $290,000
*Separate formal lounge and central bathroom
*Land measuring approximately 10 x 28.6m
*Dining area adjoining kitchen
*Off street parking via side driveway
*Walk to station, Seddon or Footscray shopping
*Entry level real estate but not for the faint hearted - haha.

I would paint this a super light, warm creamy colour (with a tinge of yellow, but mainly creamy white) and keep the trim super glossy white. (Consider the bright green glossy doors) Floorboards. Skylight. Lots of paintings- a very nice entrance!

Sit down, let me pour you a brandy..
The photos on the fireplace means that this house was lived in- awww, grandparents. I wonder if they 'passed over' or went on to nursing homes? It's sad, there's only 2 bottles + 1 caraffe on the bar. The room is way too small for that bar, but imagine in it's heyday- what a feature!

Wall w/ heater knocked down (opening up to kitchen), floorboards, paintings, no bar. Room totally lightened up.
I'll get to work on dinner prep in the kitchen..
wow, what a nightmare. I think the tiles could be painted with tile paint as a temporary solution- but probably better this kitchen was the first thing to go. I would never like anything I made in here- it would always feel yucky.
Just imagine sitting down here with the weekend papers, fresh juice and a nice brekkie. Could not wait to paint these walls- and they would look nice too because the verticle lines of the wallboards. This would be opened up as part of the kitchen/ living room scenario. I imagine these walls are hollow and it would not be such a drama.

So the wall with the fireplace gets the knock.. pictures of the bathroom are suspiciously absent!

Phew. So i have a vision for that dump, but it's not going to happen anytime too soon! I wish there were more (cheap), run down, little edwardian or victorians where i wanted them to be!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

YSL Arty

So it's not long now until I go overseas. Can't wait, Nick is itching for it. BUT the big problem is - no camera! So Im not even able to take shots of my new Metallic Red Bloch Ballet slippers (I think i have a real thing for dance shoes!), nor my Zara leather jacket I bought on ebay this week (which I can't stop wearing- i think this new jacket has changed my wardrobe, and definitely made the idea of going overseas a lot easier!)

Have been thinking about my birthday, and had a momentary interest in buying myself one of these YSL Arty rings.. they are only 195 on netaporter! seem like such a luxe bargain.

I would probably go with the first or second styles... the white is lovely and would be such a standout!

Alice Euphemia has had a jewelery sale, incl. Lucy Folk jewelery. I emailed asking how much the pretzel necklace was reduced to, but didn't receive a response. Perhaps lucky.. if they had written back i would have probably taken it as a 'sign' and rushed in.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

John Denner Guitar Lessons

Holy wow, my friend Paul just sent me these! ..

Damnit !!!!

Tonight I was cleaning my room up, as i Always do on a Sunday night- folding my clothes, getting the clothes off the floor, getting it all into the wash.. when I stumbled accross an old basket of shoes hidden behind clothes in the wardrobe.

now, i notice this basket at the back almost daily, however I barely stop to remember what's in it, as it's always got fallen items on top of it, concealing what's inside. Tonight I pulled it out, and discovered a treasure trove of memories- old shoes!!! I forget footware so quickly, that once it's been cast aside, so Im unlikely to ever remember that I owned that pair of Camper Boots, Lisa Ho ballet Slippers, Witchery suede flats (which are only ever worn once before they stretch unwearably!) or whatever else- immediately. I have old shoes stowed all over the place, in a garbage bag above cupboards in the laundry, at my nana's, in the garage..

I imagine Im going to have to start throwing a lot of these things out, as i can't see how old 'treasures' like this are going to fit into co-habitational living areas (in fact for a while, most areas will be quad-habitational!)

To start with, my very first pair of painted shoes circa 2001. These were a weird pair of white boot/ shoes i bought new at the local Elsternwick op shop. I decided to trim them right back with scissors, and when they looked dodgy.. realised Id have to paint over them! I was going through a treeetops fairy tale stage, and i painted these ones just in time to go to a gig at the espy. I remember everyone looking at them backstage, and i got VERY embarrassed. They are so ridiculously reminscent of a time that Ill need to photograph them properly and pop them in an album or something. They evoke SUCH a strong sense of staying out all night drinking, my final year of uni, hanging out with hugh a lot, being told to look more 'indie' by my then-idiot-mooch bf!

Fairy Tale Shoes

Next up, this pair is a standard pair of pumps from Mollini. I saw a Missoni leopard print bikini in Harpers Bazaar and set out to copy them! It's amazing how much the style of the shoe can become so unchic, i would never pick such a pointy skinny looking shoe these days. In fact I don't think I could get away with wearing these these days. Whilst I still totally dig the pattern, they just look so tired and sad.

Faux Missoni Print Leopard Stilettos
Wintery, fuzzy, hairy, bumpy legs. Lovely.
I had many good nights on the town with you guys! Back in Bettina Skinny High Ace days!
*sigh* getting old..

Now these shoes were a similar idea, but gone terribly terribly wrong. I was so obsessed with the Zimmermann check pattern a few years back (silk dresses etc) that i decided to try similar on a shoe.. why not!? It worked with Missoni right? SOOO wrong. This is what happens when you go to Target to pick a pair of shoes suitable for painting. Most revolting shaped shoe of all time! (even now when i pulled them out i slightly recoiled!)
Wannabe Zimmermann print Pointy shoes (too Pointy!)

Howsabout these babies.. they look like repetto dance shoes or something! I adore the metallic green, but they wobble a fair bit when you walk on them, and hence i think i may have only worn them once (to the Opening of the Diesel store in the city) I am contemplating bringing them back, but replacing the skinny ankle strap with a ribbon (as this skinny ankle strap does not have any support to make the shoe more stable). Maybe a big silver ribbon in a bow on the sides!?... WIll this look like tragic Carrie Bradshaw tryhard?
Alex & Alex Metallic Green Shoes
(need to do my nails and take the bandaid off my toe that's been there all week!)

Here's an ioffer purchase which seems a bit naive in retrospect!.. i guess you pay for what you get! Bad Chanel flats... note that you can even see through the sole to another label! haha. I wore these once with Georgie to shop on Church St, Brighton.
Silver CC Quilted Flats (ioffer)

So Im enjoying all this when suddenly my camera is on video mode, and I can't switch it back to take more photos. It definitely WILL not click back into photo mode. Hmm. On, off, on off. Nope. It's like something has snapped behind it, and it no longer engages between the various modes.

This is bullshit because i really really need a camera in four weeks time.

So i had to finish up there with the shoe memories. Im going to watch youtube episodes of next top model, and dread going to work tomorrow!! the crew are up at Mt Buller shooting some snow stories, and apparently the weather is set to be hideous tomorrow. Oh boy, they'll come back happy chappies!!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Day Trip for Whiteley

Far North Queensland, Port Douglas - Brett Whiteley.
(Painted shortly before he died)

Today was a miserable day weather-wise, but very pleasant activity wise.

Nick and I took a drive up to Dromana for lunch (didn't make it into Heronswood as they were booked out, so ended up at Critterdons at a winery- very pretty, overlooking a lake etc. I had a tasting plate of all manner of delicious things, and nick had a sweet pork belly)

Heronswood say no to lunch for us. Shame.

Driving from Critterton's to Mornington where we went to the Whiteley exhibition, I saw this cluster of trees. I had to stop and photograph because there was such an gloomyness to it. I thought that maybe eventually I will paint this!

The SC's start the tour tonight in Ventura and I am itching to hear how it's all going. Marguerite has been so brief on everything, and I really wanna hear the hot goss/ see the pics of where they went.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Very Special Kids

Today at Lunch Narrelle and I got told to go to the Very Special Kids lunch at VSK House in Glenferrie Rd. It was a Garden Party for the Sponsors, so we represented work. They did a treasure hunt using sponsor clues, of course noone knew who we were! haha. Our 'station' is above.. .looks a bit sad! Old VHS gear!?

The Big Pigs out the front of the Marquis.. one has a moustache!

Some people mingling out the front... i had a bossy woman in my pig treasure hunt group, she took over for the team so i totally lost interest. The food was amazing! tempura prawns and amazing oysters with delish caviar on the top.

I am LOVING the bag. I definitely need to protect it as the leather is so lovely and lush (the smell is amazing) that I am likely to put it on the ground at the pub or something where it will soak up a tonne of beer!

Lovely red bag..
The bag and I, at one ...
It looks great with everything! I love this bag. Exceptional purchase. it is such a weight off my mind that I don't have to worry about it anymore.
There is also amazing lining but I didn't get around to taking a pic..

I have started a diet today (how boring) and I am goint to try really hard to stick to it! I have four weeks, I wanna lose 5 kegs minimum!! IN theory i should be out walking RIGHT NOW so this happens. Why arn't I? hmm. I need to wash my hair. It's going through this revolting stringy gross stage, and the roots have just popped up- am trying to figure out if i can bare a month before I have it done again!? Have been pouffing it up to the extreme with Talc!!

SCs tour starts in the States this weekend too.. the reviews have been coming through thick and fast, and they are all great ! I must start posting them for my records!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Show us y' Nuts!

I have been helping Pete w/ a Pilot, sponsored by Snickers by the past couple of days. I've been able to do some props department, which is my FAVOURITE tv department.

Today I made a trophy, haha. The nuts were a last minute addition to add to the cheeseyness re Snickers... it's made from 3D black foamboard.

I had a few drinks last night + listened to the album, and was really happy with it all. But today i feel like shit, and i look vile. I think I might even be getting sick, or is that psychological cause nick is.

not that i have a favourite cat, but giz is rolled up in a ball hidden in the blanket, whereas tink is sitting opposite me ala cute..
This morning at the window..
I had a few drinks last night + listened to the album, and was really happy with it all. But today i feel like shit, and i look vile. I think I might even be getting sick, or is that psychological cause nick is.

I might go lie down and read Marie Claire.

OH I bought a Zara Leather jacket yesterday. Gorgeous + cropped. Cant wait to wear it with Zimmermann dress !!!!