Saturday, July 4, 2009

Shopping spree

I could have sworn i made a commitment to a new savings plan earlier this week?

I went shopping in the city today, which was fab because I havn't been in so long, and it was all so fresh and NOT Chadstone..

I bought the Zimmermann dress I was salivating about yesterday (gulp- it's an 'investment' right? Half price, good.)

PLUS a new dress from SASS AND BIDE:
I have wanted this all season, but at almost $500 it seemed kinda insanely priced. When i saw it online last night for half price, then visited the store today to find ONE SIZE 12 LEFT- I knew it was meant to be! They still had them tagged at $345, so there was a whole bunch of confusion about me asking them to reduce it for an extra 25%. But they did it YEAAA!!!

Can't wait to wear in London + Berlin !!!

I was thinking i wouldn't mind teaming it with these Topshop Hydrangia leggings.. they are 20 pound. I wonder if they will still be in-store in a month's time..
I think they are flipping awesome, and not too teenage. but a comment was made when i showed them to someone recently that they are a bit hipster "cool"- in a bad way. Maybe i should photoshop an outfit together w/ the S&B dress + my MJ bag!! See if it works! haha.

As a sidenote, When Sass & Bide goes on sale i am going to buy this top- THE VAGABOND:
How the hell i would wash it and look after it, i have no idea! but it's prett-ay cool!

Myer had a two day spot sale which was a bit scary. Almost bought a pair of True Religion jeans reduced to 250, then i realised that is still not "cheap", and to turn my attention to ebay instead!
blah blahhhhhhh... am going to stop blathering on about nothing + look for a pattern now to paint the rubi shoes i bought today!!

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