Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Trip Planning

I've just set up a blogspot for the SC's! I figure we are so done with myspace, that it's the way forward until we get a proper website. Fingers crossed all the drama of the tour plays out okay though. Next show is on at the Toff w. the CrayonFields, but Ill miss out on this one because Ill be in Berlin!!

Woowoo, berlin....

Standing in Kreuzberg, East Berlin, 2004
(rip the delightful Karen Walker hat Im wearing, which i dropped in Bar Open!)

Am trying to figure out what I need to take and it's difficult because i am feeling like a hideous bushpig lately, can't wait for Saturday so I can finally get my hair fixed up. Roots are beyond out of control, hair is insanely long! (whoever thought that would be a problem?) can't believe the lack of confidence some regrowth can cause!

Sooo.. at the moment Im trying to get an idea of what ive got, and what's missing..

- Sass and Bide super low cut black studded dress tunic
- American Apparel black singlet dress (to wear underneith)
- Sass + Bide cream embroidered tunic

-Zimmermann long sleeved maxi (i can barely wear this to work without panicking i am going to snag it.. so Im scared about this one!)
- Paisley summer dress
- Short sleeved Maxi ?

- 3 normal tops? tbc
- Plain black singlet

- Black Leather Jacket
- Long red Kookai frill cardigan
- Metallicus red bow cardigan
- yellow cotton cardigan

- Topshop stretch jeans
-Sass & Bide Crackerjacks
- Skinnies - not sure which pair, perhaps lee as i can roll the legs nicely.

- Metallicus scarf
- Beret
- Umbrella
- Hoodie
- Trackies

- ballet slippers
- Thongs
- Brand New Converse lights!
- Sandals?
- Cap
- Necklaces tbc

hmm... but i dunno.. it's not quite coming together.

On a completely unrelated matter my mum bought me this snazzy bike riding top! it's made out of some special fabric where you don't get hot or cold- apparently.
Have only worn it out once because lp's bike pedal is broken, and he's now riding mine.

I need a good sleep. Drank last night, and have decided im going to do dry until we leave.. or at least am gonna try! That damn lil creatures has got me hooked. I think it's making my skin grey!

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