Sunday, July 5, 2009

MJ (ish) Shoes!

Hand Painting Shoes is a favourite Pastime for me.

My hobby has been painting shoes and bags for years.. but I have had a mental block on what i actually WANT to WEAR that's hand painted for at least a year now. I used to just paint any picture I wanted on any object & wear it, now I feel really fussy, and i feel like everything is daggy or trash supre-esque.

So when i bought the Rubi shoes yesterday I was somewhat prepared for the mental agony that followed. I probably spent about three hours online looking at vintage fabric blogs for some simple wow pattern, which would look great, and not lame. I don't want shoes that look like they came from Kinki Gerlinki!

I went with a floral, but it just did not work. It looks like I was aiming for a flamboyant 50 year old lady. There are literally 6 layers of paint here.
It's like a bad PRADA ripoff, and SO uncool. urgh. Back to the drawing board.

I took inspiration from somewhere closer to home, one of my favourite MARC JACOBS tops in my wardrobe.. YES... i will make a shoe that's a "hommage" to one of my favourite tops.
Once lacquered they will look so much better, but Ive just finished them off and Im really happy! Mum was saying maybe leave the wedge wood-look, but i think the wedge being painted makes them really full on. Yay! Can't wait to wear them!
It is frightening to see my winter legs... all pale and stubbly!!
Came home tonight after making a Piri Piri Chicken (YUM and SO easy!) and tried on my dress... am a little bit worried about the wearing heeled boots with it... im worried i could rip the back of it if im not careful (which Im not!) Loving it though!!!... Have seen a cropped Zara Leather jacket on ebay which i need to buy tomorrow to match with it!
To justify the expense Ive put some new stuff on ebay. Sadly Im going to be saying goodbye to this Karen Walker t shirt i bought from her first collection back at uni! This was her debut into Australia, and it's so perfect KW- a New Zealand street map print tee! I am so proud to have this t shirt, but let's face it- worst colour ever on me! It's a size 8, so a lil snug.. bye bye.
I confirmed with clint last night the sass and bide tie dye tee had to go. Such a shame, it's so LOVELY and the colour scheme is amazing- all my favourite colours together in the one t shirt. But it makes me look a bit fruity .. noone likes it. When Ive worn it to work, everyone feels compelled to make a comment about me looking nuts.
Crazy Nick-esque barrister eyebrow in this photo!!!
Metalicus Chunky Knit with oversized collar cardi. I wish i bought this in sunburst, i just never wear it. I love the colour, but i really just never wear it!
Nike AIR MAX Premium 90s in Silver & Flamingo Pink that my mum brought home for me from ASIA. I imagine they'd be collectable for hip hoppers (uh!?) In person they are really greyish, so I never wore them.

HOUSE OF HARLOW.. This was a bit of a killer sale.. i popped it online for 110 BIN and it was sold within the hour! I decided on Friday I love it, but it doesn't suit me or my clothes..

Ew, just scrolling up just now and seeing the original shoe floral design made me cringe! What a horrible idea. So pleased i canned it before putting in any more effort!

Finally, i tried on my sass and bide dress.. AHAHAH.. i will have to put a fair bit of work into making this NON revealing. Am thinking of wearing a tight american black apparel dress underneith + those TOPSHOP hydrangea leggings!.
Will post a pic when i work out how to wear it!! (current one is a bit too much boob action!)

Beautiful Chanel Bags i saw in the city yesterday.

Nigh nigh.

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