Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New Zimmermann fancies

Very much fancying this Zimmermann Tea Rose Blazer (the lovely lightness of the fabric)
Does remind me of the fabric on my nana's couch.. wish i could buy it before os. Would love to wear it with denim shorts/singlet/big watch!

This floral jumpsuit has totally captured my imagination. I love the shape, the fabric, the print.. This tea rose floral takes on a different look to the blazer (the blazer really does remind me of a country op shop, but it's cool!). I can see myself buying this on impulse, esp right before i head off to london...

Hard to tell what kind of shoes to wear with it if it was more of a casual outfit.. sandals could look dumpy, thongs would be totally NQR. Toughie.

The Bluebell long sleeved lace maxi would have been an easier dress to travel with (oh man, just thinking of that vulnerable delicate delicate witches frill!)

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Cotton Socks said...

wow. lots to catch up on.
firstly, i love love love looking at realestate.com.au and searching old houses where people havent changed stuff in ages. so much fun.
heres a goodie

wish the kitchen was better though. people need to bring back crazy pattern carpet and ott light fitings.

your list for europe looks good. do u need heels? i usually try and slap in a pair incase we go somewhere 'fancy' ha ha.

also, so true about roots getting u down. mine are feral right now. im trying to wait until i go away which is in 2 weeks, but mine were due last week. so im feeling off right now. no one understands. ughhh

cute dora party invites!