Sunday, September 25, 2011

Friday, September 23, 2011

19 weeks - bumpy!

Belly @ 19 weeks 2 days

On Monday morning we have our big baby scan!
I have all my fingers and toes crossed the baby is looking good & it's measurements are where they should be! We'll know the sex too! How exciting!!! :D

So today my Citizens of Humanity Maternity Jeans (!) arrived from Shopbop. I was pleasantly surprised... two sizes bigger (!) than my last pair, I didn't believe they would fit... but ta da! Lucky me, they are perfecto.

This green top I am wearing is a funny one. Far be it from me to want to wear tight clothes, this has become a bit of a home staple. It's an old American Apparel number that my brother (!) wore for a while .. and it wasn't even fitted on him! He went through this bizarre phase where he seemed to drop almost everything from his diet and lost about 20 kilos! It was crazzzy, he was soooo skinny. He was throwing out a bunch of stuff on my last visit to London, so I wore it home on the plane and it's stayed with me ever since.

They have the "secret belly band" (always learning new things!) which you can roll over or under the bump. I've only been wearing them for approximately 1 hour, but they seem to hold up pretty good.

...scuse the mess!

LPs bought me a black pair with an elasticised waist last weekend, which I wore to Chaddy mid week - they kept falling down I thought I was going to lose my mind! In the end I purchased a pair of casual pants from Cotton On to get me through the last leg of Chad. Crazeballs. I will be revisiting them to work out a solution because they are damn comfortable.

So I went back to work this week at Ch 9.. new office in the Docklands! It's such a brand new look from the ol' Bendigo St- albeit a lil less convenient! Happy to be back and to be busy... & my finish date is a TBC depending on how I'm feeling which is Fabbo.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Hit List: Baby

I have started compiling my list of dreamy baby "stuff".

These lovely things are currently top of my list..

Missoni X Bugaboo Pram!

Parenthood won't have new stock until December, I can't wait to see it in the flesh!

The Ultimate dream cot.. The Ubabub Nifty Clear


The Seed Organic Pod Moses Basket ... for next to the bed!

So sweet, so organic!

& I love this enormous Huggable Globe from bebe.

In fact, I have been wanting this one for myself for some time!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Love this look

Always love a mish mash of colour!

  • Swimsuit: Kiargo
  • Skirt: House of Hollan
  • Shoes: Kobe Husk
  • Sunnies: Burberry

Plus, obsessed with this beautiful paint swatch idea i spied on Poppytalk's Blog.

Amazeballs- i would love this on a wall. Nursery perhaps?

From Vice mag

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Belly moves!

This week I started to feel the baby moving around!

I thought I might just be digesting food or something, but since Wednesday there's been little taps, flutters, twinges etc. So teensy tiny, but an unmistakable new sensation.
The vid above is now a few weeks old but shows 'Klausy' in the midst of an exercise session - Push ups!

The baby has a working title; Klausy. This is because when I was a teenager I dreamt of having a child - boy or girl - called "Klaus" ... much to everyone's amusement!


Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Bump: 18 weeks 2 days

This week is the week where I think my belly has gone from looking a bit "thick" (or looking like I ate too much for dinner) to the beginnings of a baby bump!

Ta da!

In less than two weeks I'll be half way through and hopefully know the sex. yay!

Who knew so many vitamins were involved with pregnancy!? Well.. probably everyone, but I'm quite surprised by my daily intake! My vitamin D was very low so I take four of those during the day + 1 Elevit (for the Iodine I'm lacking) + 1 Folate.

The other thing I'm overdosing on is Body Butter in extreme quantities!
Peach is my fav, but cause it's discontinued the Body shop clearance in Richmond is selling the big tubs for $13. I'm going to use it all day long and all night strong!

Whilst there, I spied this Body Shop Vitamin C line...

I'm an absolute SUCKER for cosmetics with the right buzz words.
Vitamin C for invigorated brighter skin plays right to my weaknesses. I picked up these products, normally $75 for all 3, for just $25.. so certainly no harm in giving them a go!
Starting the day with a Vitamin C Face spritz seems to really work... even if it's just on a psychological level!

Feeling fantastic, except I've been having chest pains for a couple of weeks now.. almost 3 weeks. They started one afternoon after I rode my bike to Monk Bodhis for some veggie food.. that afternoon it felt like I was having a heart attack, but on the left side... it crept up on me to the point I was in agony and woke up in tears at an insane hour of the morning.
LPs took me to the doctor.. she diagnosed Gallstones! Can you believe it... she sent me off to the Ultrasound, who said there's no gallstones (phew!).. I saw my obstetrician a couple of days later, and she sent me for viral blood tests (believing it was something like Glandular) - Negative!

It's certainly calmed down, but it's still there, tender and painful through the night!

No idea what it is, but now I've decided to self diagnose myself with Costochondritis.

New stuff this week & a Zimmermann rant

Here's my week in clothes.. back to work next Wednesday...

I bought this cute lil tunicy Gorman dress .. I can kinda sense it's going to be a bit of a staple.

It's not often I buy something from French connection, but I kinda liked this scarf...

I really dig the style of the floral.

I'm not sure if I made a very "me" choice with this one.. it's the Sass and Bide Fox wrap light jacket.. I love love love it, but it's completely at odds with all my warm weather clothes. I think I'm going to have to buy some new stuff to suit the jacket!

Worn with a new Willow dress... photographed in more detail here...

I am pretty sure, after having the dress not even having seen daylight, despite a few suitable occasions (dinner and the likes) that I am going to ebay it.
It's sooo beautiful... lovely stretchy silk, so well made.

Whilst this dress isn't new, it is a reincarnation of an older Zimmermann dress.
The bust was sooooo teensy (especially with my preggo boobs!) that I had it made into a midi/maxi skirt (it sits between the two lenghts)

I think it worked out well... although the elastic in the waist is enormous.
Normally it might bother me, but with the impending tummy situation I don't think it's going to be an issue...

with a Mink Pink cropped top, and my new Sportsgirl sandals.

and gold... I'm all about the multi tones of gold jewellery right now.

I was crazy for this Zimmermann Hydrangea print last year.

I loved it so much, but never got around to trying it on. When it came up on ebay in my size I was prepared to pay any price. This morning when the post courier arrived I was at the gate before the bell had even finished Buzzing. I raced inside to our room and strugggled... and struggled... and struggled to get it on!

I have never ever ever come across anything SO DAMN COMPLICATED. There are these internal crossover straps all over the iside of the dress... under the armpit, over the armpit, strangling me, feeling unfomfortable... argh! I finally got it on (half an hour, half a frustrating hour... this must work somehow) and I think I got it right. I immediately snapped some pics (straight outta bed, no makeup, pre hairbrush) as I KNEW I could never go through that again.

I will say the print is divine, the colours are knockout, but the front and back crossover straps have made this dream dress a nightmare. On top of that the static is OUT OF CONTROL. I wonder if it's me, or the dress? Why is all my Zimmermann silk so riddled with static??

As for my new shoes this week, I picked up these D Copenhagen boots at Cactus Jam.
I didn't need them at all, but there is something about that rubbed brown leather that drew me in. My only concern is that they smell a bit fishy.. actually like fish!? When I'm in a confined space, like the car, it's quite overwhelming.. Cactus Jam what did you do to my boots!?

More brown: Gorman Sandals

And a bit of a random purchased, on my walk yesterday I popped into the Sportsgirl 50% off sale stock sale, and for $25 I decided I could not go wrong with these...

I'm a bit torn though.. does a size 41 foot really need to look any bigger?
I have a feeling these sandals, as cute as they are, may fall into the "unflattering" category!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Cushion Crushes

I'm thinking about some new pillows. There's going to be a bit of hunting involved as I want a careful mix (on our new couch, also a TBC!)

So far some of my favs are...
LinkSplash Cushion from Fine Little Day

Chandelier Cushion by Fenton & Fenton

& I am crazy about these fabulous pillows from My Bearded Pidgeon on Etsy.
The problem with these is that I have wanted a set for months, but how on earth can anyone pick their fav countries? Ilove looking at maps, from everywhere and anywhere, it's a bit of an obsession.. so these babies on my couch would be a serious distraction!

Geeked out

Last night I downloaded this new App... it turned out to be Lots and lots of fun :D

Friday, September 2, 2011

There's a bun in the Oven!

So, I have news... probably what I would consider big news! :D

Lps and I are expecting our first baby in February. wee!

I'm Currently 16 weeks and 2 days.

Over a third of the way there. Wish I could speed it all up:)
As I'm taking note of every day, they seem to tick past so much slower than before!

Plus Im still on break from work, and won't be starting again for a minimum of 2 - 4 weeks.
(Plus right now I have a shooting pain through my chest, making the days somewhat laborious! It has been potentially diagnosed with about 50 different causes- yet ultrasounds and blood tests have failed to show exactly what). Nothing to do with the baby, just a total pain in the assss (well, pain in the chest/ upper abdomen more accurately).

The first trimester (some time of which was spent in Japan) was pretty tiring & I had the constant quease. A trip to the supermarket would have me in bed for two hours- who knows how simple tasks became the root of such exhaustion!

Almost the second I kicked into the second trimester I started feeling fantastic-
happy, energetic, all the good bits you hear about!

I'm semi showing (just looking fatter and thicker around the waist - I don't think anyone would guess just yet) + most importantly, Baby is doing fab.

Here's my pics up to date...

At around 6 weeks the baby looks more like a goldfish.. with it's lil yolk sac attached.
All these things you learn.. who knew what on earth a yolk sack was.
I got this scan early after a bit of a fright, was so relieved to see a strong heartbeat.

At 9 weeks 5 days baby was dancing like a maniac!
It looked like he/she was doing the "la coocaracha!"

At 14 weeks 4 days, Baby was doing push ups-
How adorable!

And, it seems pretty indulgent to have had four scans - but the chest pain I had this week had me in at the obstetrician to ensure there was nothing pregnancy related going on.
And at 16w 2 days baby is fit as a fiddle, shimmying around.
I actually think this picture, my only one from yesterday's scan, looks like a boy.
In fact, I think it looks exactly like LPs! Something about that big, brainy head!
If you look closely it looks like baby is doing metal fingers alongside it's head, and a thumbs up above the tummy! hehe.

The big question everyone has been asking me is how a mega drinker like myself copes without alcohol. I havn't found it a drama ... I've cut out socialising at the pub, which on one hand is kinda sad, but I've replaced it with dates with Lps (Golden Fields last week for lunch, we're going to Cafe Vue today for lunch). It's quite nice waking up with a hungover husband and yet feeling fresh as a daisy myself- who knew that was a weekend possibility!!?
I thought I would lose a stack of weight without the calories- but nope.