Friday, November 27, 2009


A cheque.. how old school! I havn't had to cash one in a bazillion years!

It was Elisha's third birthday today, we gave her a bee costume, but i don't think she liked it much. I found this photo of her in her room, which i thought was hysterical..
And here, trying on my gold booties..
The girls trying to each wear the boots..
And the best bit of the afternoon... seeing rumpole when we came home! he was a grubby little thing, but leapt off the step to come see me...
Shmoozey shmoozey.

I left my camera in a ute out past Rutherglen this week- damnit. So im now reliant on my iphone. I've been downloading lots of aps, especially photo ones.

A couple of my favourites..


POLAROID (shake it)


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hello High Country

I am in the Victorian High Country. I am staying at Lindewarrah Country Estate in Milawa tonight. It's fantastic because our net has been capped, and I have really been struggling without access. Here I am free as a bird to suft the net to my heart's content.

Now the strangest thing happened today. I was listening to the radio between Beechworth & Wangaratta, and they were talking about what animals people would like to cross to create their dream species. Someone calls in and says a koala and a kangaroo, and scott dooly says "well lots of kangaroos get hit by car, but there are never ever any koalas on the road" in response to the roadkill aspect.

I am then driving back to Milawa a few hours later through the Warby Ranges, when a FLIPPING KOALA IS ON THE ROAD IN FRONT OF MY CAR !!!! I screeched on the brakes and cherries went flying. It grabbed hold of the tree before i could get my camera out and photograph it on the road, it was a truly adorable little thing!

Escaping from turning into roadkill (good move)
Getting a better view of me...
This disgusting parma was my only dinner option (the alternatives were things like Chicken Kiev, and bacon and cheese in a "sandwich" of beef fillets.. omg, just the thought!).
Check out those underbaked chips, not to mention to chicken fillet itself! Well, i was starving, what could i do!?

Here I am walking home from the pub.. my hair i really bothering me today. It's like it's gone EXTREMELY damaged, it's this yucky dry oily rooty mess.. I have had a nastly pimple on my cheek! Why am i still getting pimples. Imagine walking in these environs every day.. ahh...
Staying here, in the vines...
Nigh nigh
There is some creepy animal call going on relentlessly outside my window. Cross between a rattlesnake, a duck, and a frog.

Buzzcocks Gig!

On Saturday night Lps and I went to see the Buzzcocks. They were awesome! So tight and energetic (like youngins!). They had a drummer playing for them, who made me feel like a fraud, but the strange thing is he looked identical to Andrew G! Now that is a strange look for a punk band, right?

I finally pulled out the ol' (read that- brand new) Primark floral rainjacket! I couldn't believe the weekend downpout, it was amazing + awesome, but a slight headache in regards to keeping dry. Let's face it, keeping dry was never going to happen. In fact this jacket turned out to be made from completely UNwaterproof fabric (not even water resistant) and it basically worked as a cucoon around my sopping wet clothing.

2 chords in a fight erupted behind us! haha. How good is that! I felt so of the era.

Now i strongly feel that the Corner Hotel needs to bring in a team of engineers to fix the slight problem of the pole, in the VERY MIDDLE OF THE STAGE!

Yup, it was just too packed to find a new spot, so we battled with this..

Friday, November 20, 2009

The Jeffrey Campbell Belgium Ankle Boot

Jeffrey Campbell has really changed the shoe-scape. His shoes are just so damn cheap, seems almost crazy not to buy when you see a pair you like.

I am currently sitting on the fence with these JC Belgium Wedge Buckle booties.

Yes or no!?

I think for summer, the taupe is a good choice, but Im conscious there is a POSSIBILITY they may look a little orthopedic!?
So if it's a yes, do i stick with taupe or go with the black?
I definitely prefer them to the JC Potion Wedges, which I think either look incredible or ugly, depending who you are. Skinny girls with blonde or black hair look amazing in these.

Clafoutis or Clafouti!

I just baked this delicious custard desert. It's called a Clafouti or Clafoutis (not quite sure, either way it's french! Sounds more greek?)

I swapped cherries with mixed berries.. It's made with 6 eggs!

The New Chad

George and I went along to the opening of Chaddy's new wing on Wednesday night. It's lovely, but it had the atmosphere of Topshop & the crowds to match. I guess it's obvious that a Shopping frenzy feels at odds with a Chanel store.

The queues.. check out the one for Louis...
I did love this LV bag on display..
Whilst there I bought this Camilla & Marc for Sportsgirl top. It's gorgeous. I have had my eye on it for months, it had just been reduced by 50%, then by 20%. I ended up paying 80 odd for it, which seems such a great deal!

Lilac w. multi colour sequin. Pretty frill trim, probably a feature that's exactly what I don't need- fattening!?
I wore this out to Georgie's going away drinks last night at the Windsor Castle. Holy moly did I get drunk! I was a bit of a sore mess at work today. Too Tired. I can't go out like I used to, that's for sure!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Off to Gippsland we go..

I did the 3 1/2 hr drive to Port Albert yesterday, to spend a few minutes at a restaurant. Drove back via Leongatha, stopping to pick Wildflowers. Damn it was a hot day!

Driving through Yang Yang feels like you're driving into the nuclear power plant on the simpsons. Very surreal.

Wildfish restaurant, cute little spot in an adorable seaside town.

Amazing pub around the corner
Stopped to pat this amazing baby donkey, who ran to the fence when I appeared!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hello! My name is Jeffrey Campbell 99 Booties.

They finally arrived!!!

Introducing the Jeffrey Campbell 99 Wedge Booties.

It felt like the longest postage period of all time, despite only being a couple of weeks. I was so excited to rip open the box and get the booties on my feet, they're perhaps half a size too large. ..

It's a whole new world walking on a platform, a world Im not familiar with!
Will I be a towering giant when I stand next to the boyfriend?

Not quite sure exactly what Im going to wear with these.
Clearly not the outfit I wore today ..

Hmm... any ideas?

Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday zz.

Today I was SO tired. I had to pull myself up, get my sh!t together, and go to work. Pity I did absolutely nothing once I was there. The conjoined twins doco being filmed has hit it's climax, we'll see what happens tomorrow morning.

So I reverted back to jewelery overload. I've managed to keep it to one bangle, but today I decided what the hey..

This Ring looks like it's got something to do with the occult... wearing on chain because it's a bit intense on my hand...
General bangles/ rings.

Marc Jacobs bag George brought me back from New York... it's gorgeous !

New tiffany & Co Crescent moon charm bracelet in the mix...
I have been voraciously entering competitions now.. Lps and I are about to work on a new entry. Fingers crossed, i am now so competition obsessed, I need to take full advantage whilst I can be bothered! Wish me luck.