Saturday, July 31, 2010

Make me up - HELP !!!!

I've been a bit quiet lately because I became well and truly consumed and obsessed by my wedding dress. It overtook any rationality I had, and turned me into an insane, ravenous net surfer on a mission. HOURS were spent trawling through every option known to bride & not bride a like.

Luckily I bought something last night- woohoo! I've got it! The ONE!!!

This is officially my third dress. The fit was the issue with number 1, and then the colour with number 2. I don't have ANY energy whatsoever left to NOT love this one. I actually just can't wait to wear it!

BUT, first things first. I had a make up trial a little while back, and wasn't overjoyed with the results. I went through a short romance with the idea of doing my own, before deciding that wasn't going to work, and I had to find a better option. Solution- Vogue forums, most expensive make up artist in melbourne, and a six week wait for a trial. That trial was today!

I'm really, really not sure. Do I have a weird face, a dirty skin tone... Do I explain myself properly? Do i have realistic expectations about wanting a "wow factor".

Headpiece belongs to the makeup artist.

Once again, Im underwhelmed. I just don't look fresh and pretty... more tired and grubby, and maybe a few years older. if I can't even take a nice iphone photo, how is it going to pan out on the day. ARGH. But then what if I do my own, and end up with photos of my concealer glowing out behind my foundation. Or am I stuck in a makeup rut I need to get out of- embrace the ludicrously pricey makeup artist!? (in fact I think I even signed a contract- I did!)

What do i do!?!?!?!?!

Thursday, July 15, 2010


I want/NEED this absolutely amazing scarf by Kirrily Johnston.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Since Frankie mag featured Nadinoo this month, I've noticed every blogger and their best friend going bananas for the beautiful peter pan collars and sweet as sweet fabrics. I am on the bandwagon bigtime... especially in love with these pieces...

It's what I'm missing about Karen Walker.

The dirty mirror & the beautiful coat

Wow, i really need to wipe that mirror!

Not getting much of a chance to wear this Camilla and Marc Trench out much lately.

I did wear it to work the other day- but that's about the extent of it's wear.
It's become a to the car/ from the car coat- then spends most of it's lifetime either in my closet, or hung up at work on the odd occasion I do wear it in. Should I sell!? I feel like I won't be able to invest in a piece like this again for a while. Maybe I should hold on. Sell/ hold/ sell... ahhh!

(i've racked up another hideous cc bill! Want to book honeymoon whilst nick's in thailand!)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

New House of Harlow

I'm not entirely on board with the most recent House of Harlow jewelery which I just spyed on Nicole Ritchie Fashion.

It follows on from her past collections, but really amps the Aztek Cleopatra Occult mish mash of influences. I just don't know about the enamel, it's a slightly cheaper look. But I'll have to wait until I see it all in the flesh.

One piece I am loving is this 14KT Gold 5 Stack Bangles in multi.

I'm also hankering for this Grey Pattern Winter Kate Maxi dress. It's the perfect shape, but Im holding off, hoping she releases it in a more "me - friendly' colour! :)


Dresses by leanimal on

Watching the Movie, The Beach, on s Saturday night. What a ridiculous film.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Monday, July 5, 2010

Inspiration- the dress

Oh vera, you're spectacular.

How does one decide on a wedding dress (that's coming up super quickly!)
and stick to their guns?

It's proving really difficult.
I've moved on in spirit from the dress I bought immediately late last year.

I'm having so many ideas. So many colour variations. Of course volumous white tulle isn't my thing - but I'll never get married again! Then I have ideas for a vintage style maxi, or a sheath chiffon number with floaty sleeves and flowers in my hair. I think yes, that is me.. but i can do that anyday, right!?

So here are some styles that pricked an interest...

The obvious, Colette Dinnegan

BEAUTIFUL! That lace, the sleeves!
(a rare find no doubt)

Floaty and etherial. Love the taffeta criss cross.

EXACTLY what I want, I think. Apparently this is an Oz wedding too!?
Beautiful hair, dress- ahhh! She looks amazing.

This dress is adorable, but for the pint sized.

I feel like the inspiration may have come from this ADORABLE BCBG Maxazria Lace Tulle Dress. Close up of the lace is stunning. WIthout that specific lace it wouldn't work.
It's completely sold out everywhere- only teensy sizes around. I know, I've tried!!

Rachel mcAdams Ellie Saab oscar dress- beeautiful bust. Love the flowing layers of chiffon.
A custom number perhaps in a good colour!?

I don't know what this is, but I love the bust! And I love the colour!

Interesting little capelet!


I went to Birregurra on Friday to the beautiful historic Property, 'Tarndwarncourt'. They operate as a working sheep farm & an on-site wool shop, dying their own wool straight from the Polwarth sheep.

It's then hand spun- (I had a go and failed!)

Natural wools for sale- ready to spin!

Good wool truly is an artform. This was a Really lovely place I would love to visit again.

Hair from Hell

It's mine, no contest.

Admittedly it's my own fault. There's multiple contributing factors..

1. The bleach. I can't remember exactly when my hair flicked over from being thick, healthy blonde hair to frazzled, parched, puffy, broken, singed, straggly hair- maybe one to two years ago, but I'd say this year in it's advanced state.

2. The GHD. This is my true love/hate relationship. It fixes everything, whilst being the root of all my problems.

3. The trip to the states- I combined the bleach with the straightener, with the weird water, with being in a rush all the time and raking brushes and the GHD through my hair at once, daily, for four weeks. I think I came back from the States not just looking puffier, but also far more ragged.

These things, and an inability to blowdry my own hair, has lead to the hair from hell.

A couple of weeks ago my mum and I were in Albert Park having lunch. We saw a lady, of my mum's generation, with the most stunning hair - My mum asked her where she had it done, and she said in Bentleigh in a garage! (home studio really) My mum gave her a whirl- it went well. I thought given my hairdresser's extortionist rates, that I would too. $70 later + a bottle of Moroccan Oil (apparently the answers to all my woes) and I now have a new colour.

Not sure about this... it's yellowy, Lp's mentioned something about a "deep yellow shade" yesterday. SO NOT my look. Anyways, for my own future reference (when booking my next appointment) here's my freshly done hair- roots and all!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Bags- the Purchase

Ok this is getting insane. I have been using an old, Red tatty, stained Marc by MJ bag for the last year and it's day is definitely done. I catch glimpses of it in the mirrors in stores, and recoil. It is well and truly time to move on and upgrade.

Current choices.. I have about a week to decide before LP's jets off overseas (and buys me a present :) ...

Proenza Schouler PS1 in Medium, black.

Miu Miu deerskin.

Mulberry Alexa, medium in Black.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Satchel

Prada - in Black.

Inspiration - Projects & Pretties

Images sourced from Daydreamlily

(what a blog discovery! Swoon over every single entry!)

Meetmeatmikes Board Game wall. So Cool.

Bow ties framed- sourced from Anotherloves.

I showed LPs and he was quite confused, to say the least!