Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Holy crap.

So i was reading Grazia on the plane to Adelaide, when i saw Olivia Palermo (?) in the Topshop Ultimate Beaded Trophy Jacket.

Holy crap. AMAZING. (since when did I start saying Holy Crap?) I'm delayed five hours (holy crap) at Adelaide Airport (holy crap- ok, enough!) so I have limited internet connection, and limited battery life- but regardless I jumped straight on to the Topshop website to investigate further......
I need this jacket. I realised I had already looked and loved it online, but it wasn't until i saw it on that i realised how stunning it is. But at 200 pounds, it's listing as an 'investment piece' is well earnt!! Do i really need this!?

I prefer the colourings in the white version, but i think it would be hard to wear...

Only a few hours til im on the REX to Port Lincoln.... don't need a dream jacket to distract me- Ill end up buying it if Im not careful!!!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

New Country Road dress

My mum gave me a Country Road dress on the weekend..

I was quite fond of it at first. Pretty print, silk etc. I also read in a magazine like Shop til You Drop that this dress was the answer to finding affordable Etro/ Dries - esque prints! haha, So not.

Unfortunately it is EXACTLY the shape i ALWAYS stay away from. It's very Tulip, lined (there is something about lined dresses I can't stand!) and it has this BIZARRE bust.. which adds about 10 cup sizes!! Look closely, the bust starts at the waist!

So here we go, check out the chunk of my waist - it's doubled compared to normal!

My Metallicus frilled Go with absolutely everything scarf didn't work with the dress.. but i wore it anyways as Im deathly pale!
And in my new habit of mirror photography (I endeavor to have nick take photos for me soon!) In David Jones trying on a Gorman dress, i would buy this in a second if there was one more tier. Just a semi tear.. just over the knee at least.

Am HATING my hair. This photo shows why. Apparently my hairdresses is in now "occasionally" UM WTF am i supposed to do!?!???! I will never substitute her again!! Look where it left me,

Sunday, September 27, 2009

My Sunday

Courtesy of Aboriginal Artist, Lena Pwerle.....

I decided this was my mission today...
One of Aboriginal Artist, Lena Pwerle (pron Pearl)'s painting that I recently saw in Alice Springs.

At work...
Finishing touches...
(scuse the mess! Nick suggested i was a bit brett whiteley with the beer! haha)

The final palette....
In other news, I assembled our new Ikea bed in an hour and a half! Amazing. Nick was making a spinach pie, so i used books to prop things up (in place of manpower)

it Looks flippin great with the new sheets etc. Will take some proper pics once the painting is hanging and it's all come together!!!

nb. it's at a slatless point. Note the books propping it up for all screws to bring this baby together!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

In with the Old...

Because all my clothes are visibly hanging around the room, awaiting their new wardrobe (which i bought tonight and is being delivered tomorrow, along with our new bed woohoo) I rediscovered this Ken Done- esque State of Georgia dress.

I'm not sure if this is a good thing, or a bad thing. It's probably got the worst shape of any dress ever made. (Kind of egg shaped, with a strange pleated bust adding a few kilos here and there- not exactly what i need)
Shorter front, longer back, too skinny straps- meaning i will never want to wear it again without a jacket.

I think this is my last year of wearing State of Georgia dresses from the archives, once i hit 30 next year- i think i am officially too old!

Anyways, here tis..
And i found this awesome bracelet in my mum's golden oldies collection.. Silver w/ purple stone!!
And my current ring sitch. The yellow gold w. saphires dotted around it. I found it when cleaning up my room to move, it was on the floor under my chest of drawers! It was given to my mum by her teenage boyfriend...

Monday, September 21, 2009

Alice - final part.

Okay, so i just updated on Willow, and I don't want to be excessively detailed, but in the time i started to feel nauceous, to the time it took to upload some pics, Ive been terribly ill! I have this overwhelming chemical taste... I wonder what that's all about! Nick's brought the heater in for me, which is a relief as i was starting to feel like my temperature had dropped right down to sub freezing. brrrrrrrruurrghghg.

Okay, so have decided that my research pics are no longer going to be lost in folders on the group drive at work, rather I want to remember all the recces!.. So this is Alice Pt. 3.

So.. Alice.. I went along to a heat of the Bushfoods competition, which was being broadcast on ABC live. I planned to talk to the judges and contestants, but because of this live feed, it made my plans impossible! Here is the menu for the day...

I had a bush orange, that had been pickled and looked like an oversized caper. It was mouldy, slimey and made me feel quite ill in the stomach.

Next up, a trip to Ooraminna Cattle Station, which id had to cancel half way there a couple of days earlier. This was better because the trip was a cinch without the rain! (although it did feel as though i might blow a tyre from all the rocks on the road!)

On the way.. 25km from Alice ...

Road into the property.. lovely smooth experience on this road.. check out the amazing red dirt! ahh..
Driving in, they're surrounded by ranges and it's quite spectacular.. i thought this small rocky outcrop made a pretty pic..
The Drovers Boy (movie) was shot here in exchange for the 80s. In exchange for free use of the cattle station to film, the director built the sets to last, and now they have their own "Outback Town" on site..
The pub, there's some young dudes there, they kept yelling out at me, and i politely ignored them... apparently they were locals setting up for a wedding, something to do with a paraplegic..
Cooking utensils and odds and ends..
I am a vile, disgusting, foul mouthed beast. I did not brush my teeth the whole time i was there as I never got around to buying a brush. Was over the moon to see these toothpicks- not only could i clean my teeth up a bit, but i could also look like a local hick whilst doing so...

Anyways moving along.. I moved out on Sunday night .. tinky ran out as though she knew? Here she is being a spazzo fence smoosher as i started the car to drive awaayyy...

And also, i've attempted to spend my token on the weekend, but alas.. wanted to record it in all it's medallion glory..
Woowooo.. save it for sydney in a couple of weeks!?
ok. would be keen now for my tummy to settle and to have the perfect night's sleep on my new Laura Ashley sheets (went nuts buying things today! Room starting to look lived in, yay)

New Willow- I die.

I think i have food poisoning, i came home from work all light headed, and have been in bed ever since with this overwhelming queasiness. The Brownlow is on and it's BLARING over the Rachel Zoe Series 2 dribs and drabs Ive managed to catch. (I hate youtube for making series watching so complicated these days!)

BUT.. what i wanted to make note of was the incredible new season from Willow. She has totally outdone herself .. it's breathtaking!

The amount of detail, the laser cutting, the cuts, the beautiful burnt orange.. and oh my god re the yellow shoes!

In true Rachel Zoe fashion, "I die"...

My top pick of Willow's Fragmentation 09 Range.. there is not a thing wrong with this outfit and i dream to have it in my hot little hands..

Unfortunately i queeried the sales assistant how much she thought it would be once it arrived in store, I know that the leggings are $380 (!!!! GASP), but she estimated the shirt dress to be $700+ (More like $900 w/ the detail)

Um.. don't designers realise there's an economic crisis? Everything is getting so goddamn expensive! (400 seems to be the norm now for a "nice" dress)

These are the new yellow dream shoe, love the dress too...
The back of this dress is amazing. Very Karen Walker!?..
Um, wow. This Maxi would be my formal dress, if I could rewind the clock to 1998 and do it all over again...
Far out Im so cold I can't keep warm... desperately need a hot water bottle or something!

Friday, September 18, 2009

I love a Sunburnt Country...

I knew I would love it, but the landscape here is too amazing. I see a Brett Whitely or an Olsen everywhere I look.. plus the aboriginal art & Im itching to get home and attack some canvases!

Today I went to the Organic food store, to meet Tourism, and to see an Aboriginal tour guide to talk about stories for the show. In theory i should have also gone to the Steiner school to check out their veggie patch & the Vietnamese Market gardens, but instead I took a trip through the Western Macs, which was awesome. Only stop off i could do was Simpsons gap, being the closest to alice springs before another meeting.

Here is my day in pictures...

Territory Tough Iced coffee.. we meet again. This time i double you're strength (and you double the toileting urge!)

the funny thing about this carton is that it got me kicked out of vinnies when i was killing some time.. and i wasn't even drinking from it when the crabby volunteer kicked me out.

So killing some time i drove into the eastern suberbs and suddenly ended up here..
I decided it was a bit iffy in a sedan to continue and so i drove back. All these aboriginals came onto the toad from the bushes holding cans and waving down the car.. so bizarre.

I did attempt to go to the steiner school, and this was nearby??
Alice Springs Desert Park..

Landscape I love you...
Arriving at Simpsons Gap for the ten minute walk!
Ijust took the photo setting down to medium and it seems to have sapped all these pics of their lovely colour, anywho!...
The Gap @ Simpsons Gap... damn windy!
A fried frog on a rock!?
Dry river bed..
RED RED SAND. Oh you beaut sunburnt land..
Ok, gotta go, meeting with tourism chick awaits.. turning left, damnit! (all the things i want to see turning right aHHH!)

Random stop to photograph the nothingness..
Me & the mysterious road. I wish i lived down there.
Don't forget ze car... with the red dirt splash of colour!
More of the west macs..
Arrived back in town, and pulled up into the carpark behind todd mall behind these guys..
Telegraph station.. as i stood here about a million ants crawled up my legs and bit me EVERYWHERE. i swear i still had ants on me at my (very overpriced) dinner at bluegrass!

Oh shit, there were kangaroos all over the place and the sun started to set, and i started to panic about driving at dusk so i was outta there!
I think it's probably not cool to photograph aboriginal art, but as Im never going to buy anything, i think it's better taken as a compliment! I plan to do something like this a canvas that's perfect size..
I ended tonight at Bojangles pub, starring at this strange ice making presentation.. the ice cascades over the beer, which seem to be a display, not for sale.. hm.
And the atmos of said pub (thankgoodness i was served!) they had a live world web hookup. I told nick to log in to see me sitting solo like a loser, but apparently u need a log in. hmph.
ok, sleep time i think, my head is fuzzy to the extreeeeme. Bushfoods comp on tomorrow!!