Sunday, September 6, 2009

DIY NY Manicure

My girlfriend Georgie is over in New York at the moment, and she + friend had great manicures and uploaded their pics to facebook! Colour grading, awesome!

As i was just uploading the pics, the strangest thing just happened. I heard a loud bang, then another bang - i thought that perhaps the cats knocked something over, then i checked the kitchen and it was all smokey + smelt like terribly burnt milk! The kettle had blown. Like just some sort of weird power surge obviously!? How scary, glad i wasnt in the tea making process!!

Anyways ... so here are the manicures which have so captured my heart...

I have just done my own in shades of pink, as that's the only colour where i really had a spectrum. Love it!

Slightly frightened at the moment as im quite wide awake and i really really need to get a good night's sleep in before i go back to work tomorrow!! UNBELIEVABLY JETLAGGED.

Sleep pattern so far....

Friday Arrive home at 7AM.
Sleep 2pm - 8PM
Sleep 4am - sleep through all of Sat- wake up Saturday 6:30PM.

Went to sleep 5:00AM this morning, woke up 10ish, slept for a couple of hours at paul's birthday lunch and now it's 11PM, and once again Im quite wide awake!

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Cotton Socks said...

welcome back!!
one of the chicks who works at mecca cosmetica chaddy had these nails a few months back and i tried it and everyone laughed at me!!
i thought it was cool.
i say go the ombre nails.
they look awesome!!!