Friday, September 18, 2009

I love a Sunburnt Country...

I knew I would love it, but the landscape here is too amazing. I see a Brett Whitely or an Olsen everywhere I look.. plus the aboriginal art & Im itching to get home and attack some canvases!

Today I went to the Organic food store, to meet Tourism, and to see an Aboriginal tour guide to talk about stories for the show. In theory i should have also gone to the Steiner school to check out their veggie patch & the Vietnamese Market gardens, but instead I took a trip through the Western Macs, which was awesome. Only stop off i could do was Simpsons gap, being the closest to alice springs before another meeting.

Here is my day in pictures...

Territory Tough Iced coffee.. we meet again. This time i double you're strength (and you double the toileting urge!)

the funny thing about this carton is that it got me kicked out of vinnies when i was killing some time.. and i wasn't even drinking from it when the crabby volunteer kicked me out.

So killing some time i drove into the eastern suberbs and suddenly ended up here..
I decided it was a bit iffy in a sedan to continue and so i drove back. All these aboriginals came onto the toad from the bushes holding cans and waving down the car.. so bizarre.

I did attempt to go to the steiner school, and this was nearby??
Alice Springs Desert Park..

Landscape I love you...
Arriving at Simpsons Gap for the ten minute walk!
Ijust took the photo setting down to medium and it seems to have sapped all these pics of their lovely colour, anywho!...
The Gap @ Simpsons Gap... damn windy!
A fried frog on a rock!?
Dry river bed..
RED RED SAND. Oh you beaut sunburnt land..
Ok, gotta go, meeting with tourism chick awaits.. turning left, damnit! (all the things i want to see turning right aHHH!)

Random stop to photograph the nothingness..
Me & the mysterious road. I wish i lived down there.
Don't forget ze car... with the red dirt splash of colour!
More of the west macs..
Arrived back in town, and pulled up into the carpark behind todd mall behind these guys..
Telegraph station.. as i stood here about a million ants crawled up my legs and bit me EVERYWHERE. i swear i still had ants on me at my (very overpriced) dinner at bluegrass!

Oh shit, there were kangaroos all over the place and the sun started to set, and i started to panic about driving at dusk so i was outta there!
I think it's probably not cool to photograph aboriginal art, but as Im never going to buy anything, i think it's better taken as a compliment! I plan to do something like this a canvas that's perfect size..
I ended tonight at Bojangles pub, starring at this strange ice making presentation.. the ice cascades over the beer, which seem to be a display, not for sale.. hm.
And the atmos of said pub (thankgoodness i was served!) they had a live world web hookup. I told nick to log in to see me sitting solo like a loser, but apparently u need a log in. hmph.
ok, sleep time i think, my head is fuzzy to the extreeeeme. Bushfoods comp on tomorrow!!

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Cotton Socks said...

these alice springs posts have been amazing!
i'd be so scared if people came running at my car. id lock all the doors and drive off fassssssst.

cant believe that frog. eww so gross.
i would of probably taken a photo too tho. hahah