Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Holy crap.

So i was reading Grazia on the plane to Adelaide, when i saw Olivia Palermo (?) in the Topshop Ultimate Beaded Trophy Jacket.

Holy crap. AMAZING. (since when did I start saying Holy Crap?) I'm delayed five hours (holy crap) at Adelaide Airport (holy crap- ok, enough!) so I have limited internet connection, and limited battery life- but regardless I jumped straight on to the Topshop website to investigate further......
I need this jacket. I realised I had already looked and loved it online, but it wasn't until i saw it on that i realised how stunning it is. But at 200 pounds, it's listing as an 'investment piece' is well earnt!! Do i really need this!?

I prefer the colourings in the white version, but i think it would be hard to wear...

Only a few hours til im on the REX to Port Lincoln.... don't need a dream jacket to distract me- Ill end up buying it if Im not careful!!!!


Cotton Socks said...

i saw this too!
ummm how amazing is the white one?
its a must!
but the price put me off too
$400 for a topshop jacket?
i dunno.
but the beading could be worth it! but then it might be really heavy to wear.
i think u should get it!!
it will become a family heirloom!!

Julia Svenson- Haart said...

I think I saw it when i was in london last month! It was amazing, but i thought... 200 = 400 = topshop jacket.. hmm, so i didn't even try it on! I LOVE IT sooo much. I am going to get my brother to go look at it and see what he thinks and if i should buy it! White is amazing, but i dont think i suit white? (my mum said i dont! haha)

Cotton Socks said...

thanks for the tip about S&B shop. i might go down there tomorrow! where was it near? im not familiar with bridge rd but ill try find it. did u see what stock was in there?
i feel 90% of my wardrobe is S&B. sometimes im head to toe in it without realising. i need to step away before i look like a S&B sales assistant!!

and as for the jacket. i think its awesome. but if you dont like it on then it'd probably cost $30-$40 to send back for a refund (id imagine the jacket to be heavy)
do u know ur topshop size? i find it quite true to size.
perhaps u could DIY one? you are good at art!!