Monday, September 28, 2009

New Country Road dress

My mum gave me a Country Road dress on the weekend..

I was quite fond of it at first. Pretty print, silk etc. I also read in a magazine like Shop til You Drop that this dress was the answer to finding affordable Etro/ Dries - esque prints! haha, So not.

Unfortunately it is EXACTLY the shape i ALWAYS stay away from. It's very Tulip, lined (there is something about lined dresses I can't stand!) and it has this BIZARRE bust.. which adds about 10 cup sizes!! Look closely, the bust starts at the waist!

So here we go, check out the chunk of my waist - it's doubled compared to normal!

My Metallicus frilled Go with absolutely everything scarf didn't work with the dress.. but i wore it anyways as Im deathly pale!
And in my new habit of mirror photography (I endeavor to have nick take photos for me soon!) In David Jones trying on a Gorman dress, i would buy this in a second if there was one more tier. Just a semi tear.. just over the knee at least.

Am HATING my hair. This photo shows why. Apparently my hairdresses is in now "occasionally" UM WTF am i supposed to do!?!???! I will never substitute her again!! Look where it left me,

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