Saturday, April 12, 2008

Parrot feet!

A pair of shoes i painted to match an oddly coloured (sickly lime green) Melbourne Cup Day Dress. They matched (clashed!!!) perfectly :)

Scratching Post EP - Cover art

This is my cover art for the Summer Cats 'Scratching Post' EP that was released on the label, Popboomerang late last year.

Summer Cats Finger Puppets

I made us each a Summer Cat puppet!! (for our first Cloudberry Release.. soon releasing a 7" too!)

And how lovly and loyal is my darling gizzy, choosing to play with mine !!! :)

Summer Cats Drum Skin..

badabada bada... surfing kitty bass skin for my drum kit.

(sweetest sunshine sounds @

Festive treats!!

Yay for Festive treats: Ukranian Easter Eggs. Australian Easter eggs. Halloween gingerbread House.

Newest Painted Shoes

Got their first Public outing the other night. Underneith they're a cheap, nasty $20 vinyl pair from a shop at Chaddy called Rubi.. but came up lovely once painted :) Wish they didnt make my feet so hot!!

Big Cats

Big Cats!

One of these bags i painted for my American girlfriend, Marguerite, but it got lost in the post on it's way to san Fran. I think it's kinda verging on ugly now (the faux missoni pattern trim), but still a shame it never got there.

The Great Australian Art Forgery - Pt 1

John Olsen and Brett Whitely are my two favourite artists.

And in tribute, i've copied a lot of their paintings!! There's many more to come!...

Belated Valentines Day Post

Tidying up my computer folders i can't help but add these lovely vintage Valentines cards. I have a whole collection of them pinned to a board next to my computer (I must take a photo) which are so delightful, espcially as they have the original names of the intended Valentine on them!

Lazy Hazy Sunday afternoon...

It's the first day in Autumn where you can really tell the Season just changed... my favourite time of the year!! The chill in the air, hoorah! (time for chunky scarves, beanies and berets) I've decided whilst i get set to rug up inside, that rather than spend the day on youtube/ebay/myspace/ebaums & looking at other craft blogs, that i might as well start my own. And so begins Svenson-Haart... my obsession with all things cute/ kitsch and especially colourful!!!