Monday, October 22, 2012

Mini milestones

Today is the lil man's 8 month birthday.

  Not sure about the vision for your photoshoot, mum!

It's gone so fast, and yet feels like we've had him forever!

Suddenly in the last few days there's been a whole new set of brain connections going on.. all the small things you never think about (and probably won't notice for subsequent children!) .. such as picking things up, sitting and playing, looking for things when they go out of sight.   So I thought I'd post some of his recent milestones. (as small as they may be!)

We got back from Thailand on the weekend.  To say we're exhausted is an understatement (after a holiday, great way to be! :| )  Anyways this was Freddy's first holiday, and to take his first holiday he needed....

Freddy's first Passport!

"Watch out World!!"

Freddy's first flight - Melb to Bangkok 

Of course the baby bassinet is way too small to be much more than a playpen for this big bubbah!

Freddy's first Fathers Day.. he dressed as King Freddy, Ruler of the House!

 Freddy sat up for the first time

Teething pains.. currently at 2 + 1 broken gum. Sleepless nights to follow..

He turrned 7 months, around the time he was pulling this psychotic face full time!  FULL TIME!! 
There were few moments of the day when he wasn't.

& here we are.. 8 months!