Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Featherston in the Nursery....

Decorating the unit... have got a love obsession with the Light Blue Featherston
(I think I'm all about the replica from Matt Blatt.. call it budgeting issues for the real thing!)

Christmas 2011

Merry Christmas!!! :D

Christmas was a few days ago - the first in years I havn't boozed myself silly and ended up sleeping on LP's parent's spare bed by the early evening hours. Much the same with LPs!
We were both home after gorging ourselves at 5PM.

And of course, here's the 33 week belly.

I'm making the most of my smock dresses & Metalicus Cardigans!
Here's the Ginger and Smart dress I think I may have worn once before.
Also, my Saltwater sandals have become an absolute STAPLE.
Who knew a sandal could be SO comfy!?

I ended up only making one Gingerbread House this year... although I'd planned to make many more, my newly aquired sweet-tooth meant that I ate the bowl of "building materials"
(ie, the lollies!)

In the last couple of days, we've started the packing process.
Here's Nick packing up in his Music Nook ...

Awww... it is sad!

I'm also starting to ebay some things I've never worn today.
I just listed this Sass and Bide Jacket on ebay... it sold within 15 mins!?
My goodness there's some keen S&B fans out there!

Oh, and here's my other Christmas outfit I wore to my mum's for Christmas eve...
A new Fleur Wood Maxi, with the Metalicus cardi.
I have been looking for a yellow cardi like this one since my last one fell to pieces... mind you they leave very little to the imagination, can't wait til i stop feeling so sloppy all over! (and fit neatly into my old bras!)

LinkIn completely unrelated news, I helped organise a Charity Auction at Leonard Joel last week for a shoot. One of the items was this beautiful Southwood Trading coffee table, in the "Flow Collection". I ended up throwing in a bid- and won! amazing! I never would have imagined.
It came with the full setting... how cute are the felt coasters!

It's a solid hardwood Tasmanian Ash, weighs a tonne,
and is lovely Danish Design-ery looking!

Obviously a centrepiece at the new house... :D

Monday, December 19, 2011



It's busy few months.

Back at 9 I've been working like crazy... long hours make a pregnancy fly by, I think!?

On one hand I feel like I've been preggo for a gazillion years, and on the other it seems just yesterday. Time's not dragging ... yet!

Cool clothes are no more, I have ballooned! My boobs are up two sizes.. my clothes are snug as a bug.. but still, I've managed to completely steer clear of Maternity clothes (thankgoodness for Zimmermann's smockish maxis).

Currently 32 weeks... just into my 8th month!

There's also a big change afoot- the photo is a hint - Nick and I are moving!

Bye bye "Hopetoun Grooves" ... we're off to live in the burbs for a bit!

We're moving here in January... the renovation has just started, so it will look like a whole new house shortly! I have started my interiors wishlist, and am getting excited to put it all into action!

New Bedroom
The soon to be baby's Nursery

The soon to be lounge room

The soon to be kitchen

The soon to be new bathroom!!

Nothing's started as yet in terms of packing (I feel a nightmare coming on!)
But I'll start this week... and then break (moreso to pack than for christmas!)
Then 7th Jan the moving truck comes!
Big new start!!! ...

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Kiehl's Crème de Corps


Random- Just won a competition for the sweetest body lotion around.. could there be a more lovely product out right now?

Zimmermann X Kiehl's Crème de Corps Collaboration.

Perfect for (hopefully) preventing those preggie stretchies!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Our first Anniversary!

It's hard to believe that this time, exactly 12 months ago, me, LPS and our wedding guests were slamming down booze at the Palmz at Carlton. Post party to our beautiful wedding!

er, yep, we've yet to purchase our wedding pix!

It's a cold day in Melbourne- but rewind a year, we struck gold with a balmy evening.
And minus the excitement of an upcoming holiday to Mexico & Cuba, but plus the joy of a baby in the tum, and a remarkably different 12 months to come.

We spent the day eating delicious Vietnamese at Dandelion, and snoozing on the couch. We've both been plagued by the most insane tiredness of all time.

We also kicked off the baby buying spree with the tram I'd been coveting.

Baby's first toy- adoraballs!

Lots & lots & lots of love to my beautiful, kind hearted husband, LPs.


21 weeks 4 days

My burgeoning belly at 21 weeks & 4 days..

Oopsie, Taken before I tidied up all the clothes!

LPs took this one for me, not the exactly the best pic of me ever taken,
but sure does show the upcoming bump!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Bugaboo!

So today I was at work, in a holding pattern as to what work I could get on with, when I had a rush of blood to the head- and decided i MUST buy a Missoni Pram.

Plus, buy it now- and less "ouch" later! right?

I picked the Bugaboo Cameleon with a colour block Missoni print- and I'm not saying this is a selling point (as Im pretty off her lately - RZ Project overload!), but it's the very same that Rachel Zoe has....

& comes with a Missoni Baby Blanket - adorable!

This weekend is our first Anniversary!
We are going to spend it shopping for baby stuff (w/ a dinner at Geoff Lindsay's new Restaurant, Dandelion, thrown in)

I have my eye on these toys so far..
I have realised I am all about wood, and plastic is just not my thang.

Melbourne Toy Tram by Make me Iconic
- available in Richmond tram at a store in Swan St. yay, cute!

Understanding for a lil while it's going to be Nursery Dressing, before it becomes a toy!
(Potentially may even be an object for mum & dad to enjoy!)

Tree Bookshelf, by designer Shawn Soh.

Space Pinball

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Friday, September 23, 2011

19 weeks - bumpy!

Belly @ 19 weeks 2 days

On Monday morning we have our big baby scan!
I have all my fingers and toes crossed the baby is looking good & it's measurements are where they should be! We'll know the sex too! How exciting!!! :D

So today my Citizens of Humanity Maternity Jeans (!) arrived from Shopbop. I was pleasantly surprised... two sizes bigger (!) than my last pair, I didn't believe they would fit... but ta da! Lucky me, they are perfecto.

This green top I am wearing is a funny one. Far be it from me to want to wear tight clothes, this has become a bit of a home staple. It's an old American Apparel number that my brother (!) wore for a while .. and it wasn't even fitted on him! He went through this bizarre phase where he seemed to drop almost everything from his diet and lost about 20 kilos! It was crazzzy, he was soooo skinny. He was throwing out a bunch of stuff on my last visit to London, so I wore it home on the plane and it's stayed with me ever since.

They have the "secret belly band" (always learning new things!) which you can roll over or under the bump. I've only been wearing them for approximately 1 hour, but they seem to hold up pretty good.

...scuse the mess!

LPs bought me a black pair with an elasticised waist last weekend, which I wore to Chaddy mid week - they kept falling down I thought I was going to lose my mind! In the end I purchased a pair of casual pants from Cotton On to get me through the last leg of Chad. Crazeballs. I will be revisiting them to work out a solution because they are damn comfortable.

So I went back to work this week at Ch 9.. new office in the Docklands! It's such a brand new look from the ol' Bendigo St- albeit a lil less convenient! Happy to be back and to be busy... & my finish date is a TBC depending on how I'm feeling which is Fabbo.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Hit List: Baby

I have started compiling my list of dreamy baby "stuff".

These lovely things are currently top of my list..

Missoni X Bugaboo Pram!

Parenthood won't have new stock until December, I can't wait to see it in the flesh!

The Ultimate dream cot.. The Ubabub Nifty Clear


The Seed Organic Pod Moses Basket ... for next to the bed!

So sweet, so organic!

& I love this enormous Huggable Globe from bebe.

In fact, I have been wanting this one for myself for some time!