Thursday, December 30, 2010

Stellar Elegance: Christopher Kane, Resort 2011

I thought I had digital starscape print fatigue, that is until I saw Christopher Kane's Resort 11 Collection- Holy moly! The spapes- the colour- and general awesomeness!
I want every single piece!

My fav without doubt is the Georgette Rah Rah dress..

My second favourite is this Organza Babydoll dress.

And everything else - love love love!!

So, it's obvious, but Im really into this length!
bring it on CK..

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New MJ Helena

Whilst I've been culling wardrobes, Lp's been turning our garden into a weed-free wonderland.

Clearly this photo made it in the nick of time, let's call it a historical document of a bygone era, and never to be repeated (hehe, let's hope- we're planning an organic veggie garden, yay!)

This is my new Marc by Marc Jacobs Helena Bag,
Worn with Metalicus aztec wrap top worn as a long cardigan, Fleur wood dress and Bloch flats.

Holiday Clean up CULL

Today I undertook a MAMMOTH task.. I would say it was Monsterous, messy and massively time consuming! I did the dreaded MAJOR wardrobe cull.

It feels like I cull often - but ebay and the odd Charity shop run doesn't really count in the grand scheme of things.

With muliple wardrobes filled beyond capacity, spilling out into our bedroom and forcing me into a claustrophobic realisation that I need to change my ways- I undertook the biggest clothes cleanout in YEARS.

This resulted in four ruthless piles- The Loved, The Semi-Loved (aka 'The Space Bagged'- such fun!), The Op Shopped and The Binned, becomming today's main focus.

here's a new fav- Zimmerman Maxi Scalloped Dress.
This is in The Loved wardrobe.

Here's another organised space, with moderate pickings.

One dress that came to my attention, that I'd largely forgotten, was this gorgeous Fleur Wood Maxi...
It reminded me why I hate buying dry cleanable clothes so much.
One night worn, and a $29 visit due.
Damn carrying a cake on a very sensible, sober night in this number.

see the cake spots! damnit.

I hung a new Fleur Wood top in the window, just for a pretty shot..

Esp, as I think I may end up selling it. I just don't know what to wear it with.

Likewise i think this Gorman Lovely I've never worn may be off to ebayland..
So gorgeous, so beautifully made, such great fabric... and yet so DAMN UNFLATTERING.
I've held onto it hoping, but this cull has made me face it's destiny.

In the washup, I realised I need to try and keep those closets clean! So I went for a stroll and picked up some jewellery.

Sass and Bide make me so mad.. I have been wanting this Cage necklace for SO LONG, but it appeared to be sold out (granted I never asked!). I almost collapsed when I walked into the Chapel St Store today to find it on sale for $90. I forgot my ebay searching stress in an instance and snapped it up immediately. yay!

I also popped into Mimco and bought myself a couple of treats.

The Ivory Kinship Bracelet & the Dauphine Wrist Bracelet bracelet in pastel chains.

I also snuck in these adorable shades of Kit nailpolish.. I planned to use the yellow on my toes the moment I got home, then it suddenly occured to me the shade was not dissimilar to cheesy fungas-y associations- brought to my attention by my dear husband.

So instead, I went yella nails & purple toes. An hommage to my schooldays.

Cheaply done - Liberty

I have never gotten over passing by the Liberty by Cacharel range in Liberty last London Summer. Well, I did buy a singlet, however I missed out on the bulk of the collection (arriving well into sale season in 2009 with very little stock left!)

As a result, I've been subconsiously searching for substitutes since, and I thought this dress came pretty close. I resisted it once, twice, three times into sale... (the reason being it came from Sussan!) But then i bought it at about 60% off and am pretty happy.

It's too big (the bust may be a lil baggy & voluminous), but conjures up the image of Liberty then, now and always. I will always love liberty (and libertyesque) print. ALWAYS !!!

Worn with Kookai Cardigan, MJ Bootie sandals, Sportsgirl Belt & House of Harlow necklace.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Matina Amanita

Jewellery by Sretsis's Matina Sukhahuta.
(just added to the Christmas Wishlist!)

Mimco studs

My new Mimco Clear Studded Bracelet.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Biscuits by the Bretheran.

I picked up this bizarre 3D 1973 Sedan Biscuit tin this week, made by the Exclusive Bretheran at Macs Shortbread biscuits, in Kerang.

It's weird.. I mean, I love this tin- it's one of the most amazing biscuit tins I've ever seen, and I've never (ever) had an interest in biscuit tins!

But I have questions. Who is regularly shopping for shortbread from the Bretheran that is going to choose this tin? Why do they have so many of this tin? There is a whole series of tins with old (awesome) 70s cars on uninspired backgrounds. How do they choose the designs for their tins? Clearly this is selling. I guess I have more in common with the Bretheran that I thought- an aesthetic for biscuit tins!

Olsen Sunday

Painty painty Sunday.

My friend has bought a house.. in which there is no "stuff".
A completely foreign concept to me, as one of my major struggles is clutter. I have SO much stuff, and am constantly accumulating (and constantly throwing out)
For me it takes zero time for me to be claustrophobic with all manner of "stuff" again!

So, I painted her this Olsen this morning called "The Edge, 2002" to get more "stuff" on the wall!

It's cheeky to plaigerise (or "innuendo") however it's a quick fix for a bare wall. And afterall, imitation is the best form of flattery... don't think Olsen has much to worry about!

Thursday, December 16, 2010


I went to my girlfriend's 30th on the weekend- it was safari themed.
Not having a wardrobe with much animal print, I went for the subtle... nails...

And i made this horrendous leopard cake as the Moschino Watch hadn't arrived in time.
It turned out really, really, really badly.

You can imagine my horror as it came out presented with candles ater dinner! haha.

Mind you, it was kinda delish. Glad I didn't bin it.

On the Christmas Wish List - GALA Curios

I've bought myself lots of nice goodies lately for all the festivities ahead over Christmas, and must make an effort to take photos and post them all!

But in the meantime, what I do desperately want is something from GALA Curios (famous for those amazing Marnie Skillings laser cut leather neckpieces) I spied some of their pieces in Husk, and am now a lil obsessed.

Antiquus Pendant Nickel - comes in silver, copper, black and petrol.

Im hankering for copper!

Constructed from hand-sculpted vintage lace and then dipped into a molten bath of copper, the Antiquus Pendant is a futuristic ode to Queen Elizabeth's decadent lace ruffs. Sterling silver plated chain and findings.

This rope bangle- once again- rope dipped in liquid metal, is also awesome.

ESPECIALLY when worn as a pendant!

Au revoir to the Regional Recce..

Hello from middle of nowhere, Australia.

I've spent the last four weeks in a row driving back and fourth to Central Victoria and the Murray Region to put together some foodie TV stuff up there. And it's with these trips I bid farewell to the regional recce I've loved so much over the last few years. Not a bad thing, It's definitely time for a change. And these trips have been unusual, to say the least...

Yesterday after hours and hours of driving, I still managed to see very little.
(Having said that, I always love the less is more landscape)

The essentials:
Multiple coffees.

& cherries! I need to eat a while kilo whilst i drive. Minimum.

A highlight was this Fruit Orchard outside Shepparton, run by a sweet father and son.
This is actually LAST APRIL'S fruits being processed- yes, it's all true. We eat old fruit (albeit in perfect condition)

I went to a piggery under the impression it was a "Free Range Pork Farm"
hm, being a meat eater, it's hard to know what to say after you see a piggery.
Of course it was clean, well managed etc etc.. but.. it's a piggery. And I'm from the city.
It's a hard one to digest.

This was the nicest part, the letterbox!

Here's a weird one.
I arrived at a lamb farm, to find there was no sheep.
I got a tour and everything- the damn, an empty paddock, some greener than usual grass..
We never quite got to the bottom of it.
A lamb farm, apparently.

Kerang, on route to my destination,
& The scene of a fairly average "hamburger with the lot" for a much needed dinner.

Last night I stayed in Koondrook, it was sweet, and what I love so much about the country.

View from my window of the Murray.
Can't believe how much it's been raining up there.. CHECK OUT THE LEVELS!!

From a recent bride, i thought this little chapel was AMAZING. Adorable.

You can't get away from these buggars in your radiator.

Aside from the recces, Last week was also our work party, which is a three day onslaught in Echuca. We do this every year, it's always the same messy spectacular. I always get really drunk. Really, really drunk. And then in the car trip home, with intense hangovers, we all swear and pledge we won't be back.

Night 1. Paddlesteamer on the Murray.
It was pouring, my hair went bananas (sometime after this photo was taken).

Night 2. It's like a reception centre. This year- drag show!

And dancing. Lots of dancing.

My few happy snaps from the night.
Most of my photos are out of focus, too dark, too light.
Proof that I'm due for an upgrade!!

Bye bye to Middle of Nowhere, Australia!
(for the timebeing at least)