Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Holiday Clean up CULL

Today I undertook a MAMMOTH task.. I would say it was Monsterous, messy and massively time consuming! I did the dreaded MAJOR wardrobe cull.

It feels like I cull often - but ebay and the odd Charity shop run doesn't really count in the grand scheme of things.

With muliple wardrobes filled beyond capacity, spilling out into our bedroom and forcing me into a claustrophobic realisation that I need to change my ways- I undertook the biggest clothes cleanout in YEARS.

This resulted in four ruthless piles- The Loved, The Semi-Loved (aka 'The Space Bagged'- such fun!), The Op Shopped and The Binned, becomming today's main focus.

here's a new fav- Zimmerman Maxi Scalloped Dress.
This is in The Loved wardrobe.

Here's another organised space, with moderate pickings.

One dress that came to my attention, that I'd largely forgotten, was this gorgeous Fleur Wood Maxi...
It reminded me why I hate buying dry cleanable clothes so much.
One night worn, and a $29 visit due.
Damn carrying a cake on a very sensible, sober night in this number.

see the cake spots! damnit.

I hung a new Fleur Wood top in the window, just for a pretty shot..

Esp, as I think I may end up selling it. I just don't know what to wear it with.

Likewise i think this Gorman Lovely I've never worn may be off to ebayland..
So gorgeous, so beautifully made, such great fabric... and yet so DAMN UNFLATTERING.
I've held onto it hoping, but this cull has made me face it's destiny.

In the washup, I realised I need to try and keep those closets clean! So I went for a stroll and picked up some jewellery.

Sass and Bide make me so mad.. I have been wanting this Cage necklace for SO LONG, but it appeared to be sold out (granted I never asked!). I almost collapsed when I walked into the Chapel St Store today to find it on sale for $90. I forgot my ebay searching stress in an instance and snapped it up immediately. yay!

I also popped into Mimco and bought myself a couple of treats.

The Ivory Kinship Bracelet & the Dauphine Wrist Bracelet bracelet in pastel chains.

I also snuck in these adorable shades of Kit nailpolish.. I planned to use the yellow on my toes the moment I got home, then it suddenly occured to me the shade was not dissimilar to cheesy fungas-y associations- brought to my attention by my dear husband.

So instead, I went yella nails & purple toes. An hommage to my schooldays.


miska_paris said...

May I ask what your Ebay username is if your going to put some things up for sale? I love your taste!

Julia Svenson- Haart said...

juliamaya8.. will post more stuff shortly :)

miska_paris said...

Thanks! I look forward to when you do!