Thursday, December 16, 2010

On the Christmas Wish List - GALA Curios

I've bought myself lots of nice goodies lately for all the festivities ahead over Christmas, and must make an effort to take photos and post them all!

But in the meantime, what I do desperately want is something from GALA Curios (famous for those amazing Marnie Skillings laser cut leather neckpieces) I spied some of their pieces in Husk, and am now a lil obsessed.

Antiquus Pendant Nickel - comes in silver, copper, black and petrol.

Im hankering for copper!

Constructed from hand-sculpted vintage lace and then dipped into a molten bath of copper, the Antiquus Pendant is a futuristic ode to Queen Elizabeth's decadent lace ruffs. Sterling silver plated chain and findings.

This rope bangle- once again- rope dipped in liquid metal, is also awesome.

ESPECIALLY when worn as a pendant!

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