Saturday, December 18, 2010

Biscuits by the Bretheran.

I picked up this bizarre 3D 1973 Sedan Biscuit tin this week, made by the Exclusive Bretheran at Macs Shortbread biscuits, in Kerang.

It's weird.. I mean, I love this tin- it's one of the most amazing biscuit tins I've ever seen, and I've never (ever) had an interest in biscuit tins!

But I have questions. Who is regularly shopping for shortbread from the Bretheran that is going to choose this tin? Why do they have so many of this tin? There is a whole series of tins with old (awesome) 70s cars on uninspired backgrounds. How do they choose the designs for their tins? Clearly this is selling. I guess I have more in common with the Bretheran that I thought- an aesthetic for biscuit tins!

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