Sunday, October 9, 2011

Our first Anniversary!

It's hard to believe that this time, exactly 12 months ago, me, LPS and our wedding guests were slamming down booze at the Palmz at Carlton. Post party to our beautiful wedding!

er, yep, we've yet to purchase our wedding pix!

It's a cold day in Melbourne- but rewind a year, we struck gold with a balmy evening.
And minus the excitement of an upcoming holiday to Mexico & Cuba, but plus the joy of a baby in the tum, and a remarkably different 12 months to come.

We spent the day eating delicious Vietnamese at Dandelion, and snoozing on the couch. We've both been plagued by the most insane tiredness of all time.

We also kicked off the baby buying spree with the tram I'd been coveting.

Baby's first toy- adoraballs!

Lots & lots & lots of love to my beautiful, kind hearted husband, LPs.


21 weeks 4 days

My burgeoning belly at 21 weeks & 4 days..

Oopsie, Taken before I tidied up all the clothes!

LPs took this one for me, not the exactly the best pic of me ever taken,
but sure does show the upcoming bump!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Bugaboo!

So today I was at work, in a holding pattern as to what work I could get on with, when I had a rush of blood to the head- and decided i MUST buy a Missoni Pram.

Plus, buy it now- and less "ouch" later! right?

I picked the Bugaboo Cameleon with a colour block Missoni print- and I'm not saying this is a selling point (as Im pretty off her lately - RZ Project overload!), but it's the very same that Rachel Zoe has....

& comes with a Missoni Baby Blanket - adorable!

This weekend is our first Anniversary!
We are going to spend it shopping for baby stuff (w/ a dinner at Geoff Lindsay's new Restaurant, Dandelion, thrown in)

I have my eye on these toys so far..
I have realised I am all about wood, and plastic is just not my thang.

Melbourne Toy Tram by Make me Iconic
- available in Richmond tram at a store in Swan St. yay, cute!

Understanding for a lil while it's going to be Nursery Dressing, before it becomes a toy!
(Potentially may even be an object for mum & dad to enjoy!)

Tree Bookshelf, by designer Shawn Soh.

Space Pinball