Sunday, December 27, 2009

Artwork (again)

Well it's that time yet again when the band do a new release.. bring on the brain pain artwork!

I just managed to upload photoshop to my computer (yay!) so i had a bit of a play, and came up with this old record inspired artwork. It's crazy simple for something i would do, but Im happy with it.. although i do feel like I've seen it before!? (have i accidentally pinched someone else's idea!? yeeek!)

Anyways must pass with the others before i can celebrate it's done!!!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Crystal in focus..

These Lucia Mar rings are flipping gorgeous..

I would buy the peach, if i were in need of a ring that is (I feel someone empty, now i have the YSL arty, i have a need to focus on and covet a new piece of jewellery!)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My YSL Arty Ring in CORAL arrives !!!! (finally)


All the coveting throughout the year, the endless searches online to try and track one down, has finally come to a (beautiful) result! Thankyou Cultstatus in WA!

Multiple yays!

3 days late (how dare those selfish, striking Post Office workers!:)

Anyways having it arrive at 4pm on Christmas Eve was amazing. Such a good suprise!

I love the coral more than i could have imagined, i had a momentary freakout thinking I should have bought the turquoise, but the coral is SO MUCH BETTER. It's totally FULL ON without popping too much with the colour. This way I know it's going to match everything!

I've had it for an hour.. it's super comfortable, i went up a size and it seems to have made all the difference!? And luckily I think it perfectly matches my engagement ring!? (i think lps is worried i prefer the YSL.... hahaha, as if, it's just so damn FULL ON!)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Styling advice for Sass and Bide

Here's my iphone not being a biatch for a change... Quad cam lanterns @ Lucky Coq last night!

I can't believe the wild weather overseas, and wonder if andy will make it home for christmas.. In the meantime we're out drinking and dining alfresco! woop.

It's been a mega hectic week so far. My mouth and mind are meeting A LOT of alcohol in celebration. Don't expect that to change for at least a couple of weeks, then it's diet to the maxx!

Anyways yesterday I wore my new Sass and Bide snakeskin dress with the lowest back in the worldto meet linda for afternoon drinks @ Temperence. It's a cute dress, i think it will turn out really useful, but it does require a lil bit of maintenance. Day 1. (last week) I wore it with a singlet underneith- and Im pretty sure there was a gap between singlet + undies (bad look- thankgoodness i was wearing a cardigan!)

The girls in sass and bide and their styling tips. Wear it without a bra! Wear it with just a bra! neither of these looks are going to work for me, but here I am in the sass and bide school of styling... Dress + crop top style bra.

They talked me into 2 extra purchases "for the same price as a bodysuit" ! so i bought two of the sheer tees, in black and white.. not sure which suits better, but Im convinced they are super versitile, and will match lots of my clothes!

w. sheer black, knotted.

w. sheer white, knotted (need to work on that knot!)

Dunno what's going to make this dress work best.. any advice!?

In other more festive topics, i put a wreath up on the gate, and can't believe it hasn't been swiped as yet- have been expecting to find this on the train tracks every day by some lil shi!ts using the side path!

Mum brought these beautiful roses over, i've caught a photo of them right on the way out!
She's also gone to the trouble of scrapbooking our American press for the album, how adorable is this.. and scrapbooking!?
Am now sitting in wait of my YSL arty ring, it's 'on board with courier' but where!? ahh... what if im not home!? omg want the ring so bad pre chrissy!!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Big News!

On Friday night Lps took me to Pearl for their set 5 course dinner. I was thinking about the duck curry, but Lps talked me into doing my fav, Lobster. Yum.

The aftermath.. i cut my fingers + my mouth- lobster related injuries!!

For dessert I had taro dumplings, and nick had turkish delight ice cream.. delish.

Then he asked me to marry him- and I said yes !!!!

It then got too dark to take any photos, so I had to wait until Saturday!

Here is my beautiful ring.. how will i consolidate all my jewellery to make this one stand out!? (I have temporarily switched it all to my other hand) ...
In my dressing gown, w/ brand spanking new diamond ring!

We had fam over on Sunday to have a BBQ which was fun.. Im pretty sure I drank an entire slab! haha, how typical. The cutest thing was the girls (now my neices in law!) in a near frenzy over the idea of being flower girls. They have told me their 'costumes' will be pink dresses with red flowers. Easy done. Am thinking something adorable from Leona Edmiston or BIG!? YES! How adorable would little tutus be from Big by Fiona Scanlan!?

New, New + a jumpsuit!

This past week I have been on a MAJOR spending spree.. i have about 5 new dresses & assorted other goodies and can't wait to post them all!!! Unfortunately my camera is still MIA, so until I get a new one, the fuzzy quality of the iphone will have to suffice.. here's a few newbies..

Here is the Brigid McLaughlin dress, i like to consider this my 'investment piece' of the summer, although it makes me feel a bit older/ like a sensible grown up, it's still pretty gorgeous. I have taken to wearing it back to front (as displayed on the website). If you wear it the right way around it has a huge bow- but the neck is super high - making me feel older yet again!

The jewellery.. incl the House of Baulch tusk i bought in Echuca last week.. I have grown to love it more than i thought I would!.. very good layering piece..

In Sportsgirl, everything already reduced, was further reduced by 50%... that means this Minty Meets Munt cropped jacket was an absolute BARGAIN, how could I not get it.. it even has diamonte buttons on the sleeves!!

I think it's a good one for Summer nights.. although I don't know how to get my head around purple, as it makes everything feel like a school uniform!

Now i love a playsuit and a jumpsuit.. but I'll admit the idea of wearing one sends a considerable amount of fear through me! What if i lose confidence half way through the day- but i was stuck wearing it ALL DAY. Conjuring up the confidence I gave this Witchery peach floral jumpsuit a go...

So here I am ... contemplative photo in the changeroom. Amazing colour? peach- tick! Decent shape- tick. Not a silky underpants revealing fabric? tick! It's everything I've ever wanted in a one piece, and what the hey- now it will be mine!! Back home...

Ignore the pout..

Ok, there's a whole lotta stuff i got to get up, but I'll save this for over the next week, whilst Im home from work- YAYYY!!!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Summer time.. when the weather is fine...

Or not so fine... 39oC sends me into a bit of a panic. I can't wear a jacket ! Definitely no scarf.. yeep, one layer in total!

This morning I pulled out my State of Georgia reindeer dress (it's only good for the festive season, let's face it!) and debuted my Gorman Clogs!

I feel so Summery! This is such a weird sensation! The clogs are okay, but Im having some spatial issues with the wooden platforms. In particular when walking down the stairs..

Leopard Print nail art!

Georgie was given this amazing manicure in New York. It lasted her WEEKS! (because she is lucky enough to not have the nail polish picking habit that I suffer from so badly!)

Anyways it's stayed in my mind, and whilst I've well and truly said adios to the crazy nail art I used to love so much, I decided to give it a go.. purple base with a green and navy print.

No matter how bright i get the room, the iphone camera still takes a photo like im in the dark.
Christmas & my new camera can't come soon enough!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Echuca rama + Echuca inspired new buys.

Tis almost the season to be jolly, and this means a couple things for me that took place in the last week.
1. I make gingerbread houses.
2. I go to our three day work party.

This week it was our work party up in Echuca. For fear of someone googling "echuc a rama" at some point I'll keep the details scant. It was one night on the paddlesteamer, a day watching depressing documentaries in the room i was sharing with Narrelle, then getting myself absolutely SLOSHED (in order to cope) at the big party night. Holy moly did I succeed. haha.

I had an outfit disaster at Echuca. Upon arrival, i realised i had worn my oldest (most torn) jeans down, and packed a bag of mini dresses- with no tights!!!! Night 1. I had to get creative and wear my sass and bide studded oversized singlet dress, with jeans.. I think it looked scrappy, esp as the dress has lost half it's studs! Next day I went to buy tights from town, bought a pair from sportsgirl. When i got dresssed in my zimmermann silk dress- the static electricity from the tights was off the scale! It was horrendous- the worst look ever! So i had to wear a cotton American Aparel oversized thing underneith- which looked gross and +5keg! Combined with the terrible job my hairdresser did on the weekend (did she add ANY highlights!?) I think I looked my worst ever.

(un)Fortunately I have no party photos because..

I lost my camera at the cemetary last weekend (papa's 90th) - I came home and realised it had vanished from my handbag! I am now in the market for a new camera, which infuriates me because I have been through at least a camera a year, and this last one was a present from LPs for my birthday. damnit.

I can't seem to get my sh!t together and have become a bit of a joke when it comes to losing things- I broke my House of Harlow locket being drunk and disorderly at Echuca. Will need to go buy some jewellery mending supplies. I also lost my beautiful saphire ring (actually my mum's!)
How on earth I did that... yeesh. I came home and realised that one ring was missing- housekeeping hasn't handed it in.

Anyways! It looks like I'm stuck with the iphone camera right now, so here we go...

The Paddelsteamer cruise...
Our room.. we had guests around to drink with us at these tables..
My bed.. yup. Narrelle was in the other room, but can you imagine checking in and paying your OWN MONEY to stay here!? it really begs for a MAJOR spruce up...

In more exciting news, I brought some new summer staples into my life:

I am determined to make these adorable Gorman clog-esque platforms a Summer Staple! The girls in the shop insisted they were comfortable, so when i realised they only had a pair in my favourite colour (Yellow) left in my size, it kinda was a sign.

I have loved this style of Bloch Ballet slipper, made with the most unusual Italian leather (soft and lovely) for ever (esp since they've been on Netaporter!) but when I was in the store the other day and realised they'd been reduced to $40 and $50 I almost fell over. Yowzer, these babies were mine with a blink of an eye. I went with the "Capuccino" colour tones because they had a bit of Chanel to them...

This one's a weird one.. I bought this House of Baulch Tusk necklace in this amazing shop in Echuca, mainly because I think i was bored! It is ENORMOUS, and pretty harsh tones! (ie, the dark bronzey chain) .. it's pretty cool though, and I thought worn with black it will be a bit of an outfit 'hilight'.. having said that I have not yet tried it on with anything that suits!

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Right now..

Argh, these are on ebay right now in my size.. bit pricey.. Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony Lace Up Wedge Booties...

In trying to find out their rrp, i came accross these ADORABLE teal wedges... sold out, why arn't i quicker off the mark !? I don't even recall seeing them on the Opening Ceremony wesbite..

Sandals from Seed, mainly because they're so amazingly gold..