Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My YSL Arty Ring in CORAL arrives !!!! (finally)


All the coveting throughout the year, the endless searches online to try and track one down, has finally come to a (beautiful) result! Thankyou Cultstatus in WA!

Multiple yays!

3 days late (how dare those selfish, striking Post Office workers!:)

Anyways having it arrive at 4pm on Christmas Eve was amazing. Such a good suprise!

I love the coral more than i could have imagined, i had a momentary freakout thinking I should have bought the turquoise, but the coral is SO MUCH BETTER. It's totally FULL ON without popping too much with the colour. This way I know it's going to match everything!

I've had it for an hour.. it's super comfortable, i went up a size and it seems to have made all the difference!? And luckily I think it perfectly matches my engagement ring!? (i think lps is worried i prefer the YSL.... hahaha, as if, it's just so damn FULL ON!)


Amanda Lalique said...

wow beautiful ring. Love the color

Clara said...

love it! I'm thinking of getting either that one or the navy blue. Not sure yet..

The Style Sasquatch said...

Beautiful ! I want a green or blue one soon

Krizia said...

I know how you feel!
After a long, intensive and very frustrating search,
I'll get my Arty-ring this Friday!
I got the one with the dark blue stone,
but this coral one is also to die for!

x Krizia