Wednesday, December 2, 2009

What I wore..

The last couple of days..

Recces in the country... am so mad with these Sass and Bide cargos.. they have almost fallen to pieces, they look all pilled and tatty.. grr..
Going to work, swolen boobs meant I had a big bust. Yowzer. The pain, i am so sick of these womanly side- effects, that I can't wait for menopause (possibly a statement that goes too far)
Vintage dress via my nana's friend, and an Indigo cardigan with gold buttons. Can't get enough of the fake Ann D's.. I figure it's okay because the suede probably won't last all the way through summer.. perhaps I need a black pair!?
AWESOME score at the Green with Envy sale, which I swore i wouldn't visit. I found this Sass and Bide frilled tunic mini dress for 50% off! I had been trying to track it down in store with no luck, and then there it was.. in my size!... I have worn it twice so far, and when i went to Scott's last night for a band meeting, I wore it with jeans. Think it worked okay.
Worn with Metalicus frilled scarf, Topshop jeans, Kookai cardi.

I went to the Myer 50% off designer sale after work today. What a nightmare. Not only did i not buy anything, i then lost my parking ticket and had to pay $40 to get my car out. I thought it would be worse (more like 80) but the parking attendant's attitude really arked me up- I sat in FULL ON traffic all the way home, feeling as though I was about to have a Falling Down moment.

Anyways, the only thing i contemplated this Vera Wang, Lavender Label, shift dress.

For the amazing fabric + colours alone. I walked away from it, convincing myself it was a size too big. And it's too 'nice' - like ladies who lunch or something? I took a pic, just in case I built it up in my mind overnight, thinking it was better than it was, meaning I'd be back at 9AM. 50% off is amazing, but ill only get it if it comes down more in price.

In other news I've seen these Friend of Mine shoes in both Shelley's Shop and Nausz & fallen in lust. The tan suede ones...
They are gorgeous, but holy moly they retail at 429!! They just don't seem like $429 shoes!?

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