Friday, November 27, 2009


A cheque.. how old school! I havn't had to cash one in a bazillion years!

It was Elisha's third birthday today, we gave her a bee costume, but i don't think she liked it much. I found this photo of her in her room, which i thought was hysterical..
And here, trying on my gold booties..
The girls trying to each wear the boots..
And the best bit of the afternoon... seeing rumpole when we came home! he was a grubby little thing, but leapt off the step to come see me...
Shmoozey shmoozey.

I left my camera in a ute out past Rutherglen this week- damnit. So im now reliant on my iphone. I've been downloading lots of aps, especially photo ones.

A couple of my favourites..


POLAROID (shake it)


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