Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Melb Cup Day

I just saw this adorable grocery bag online .... it's a design by a Graphic Designer from Chicago called Jesse Hora, however I'm unable to find it for sale anywhere. I could've imagined Genki picking this one up.. now who will fill the gap with novelty totes!?

So i drank all day for the Cup, took a nap and now I can't sleep! It's 1:20AM and I am WIDE AWAKE.

We drank the Heinneken keg + Paul estimates two slabs + wine between the 6 of us. (so much for swearing off the beers!) My relationship with alcohol has gone from love-love, to love-hate recently. I can't stand that I settle in with a couple of beers, then watch tv or something very domestic- and sit there and wish I was clear of mind, so as I could actually do something constructive. ..

So yes, as of today, I am off beer officially until end of next week. I will not be sucked into the floral tones of Little Creatures. This is now in writing. ;)

In terms of the races, I missed out on a trifecta in race 4 with a photo finish, and frustratingly i mentioned pre betting that I was fond of "Shocking" and "Crime Scene" ... damnit, if only I put those thoughts into some quinella action. Once again a lesson for next time- no point betting!

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