Friday, November 20, 2009

The Jeffrey Campbell Belgium Ankle Boot

Jeffrey Campbell has really changed the shoe-scape. His shoes are just so damn cheap, seems almost crazy not to buy when you see a pair you like.

I am currently sitting on the fence with these JC Belgium Wedge Buckle booties.

Yes or no!?

I think for summer, the taupe is a good choice, but Im conscious there is a POSSIBILITY they may look a little orthopedic!?
So if it's a yes, do i stick with taupe or go with the black?
I definitely prefer them to the JC Potion Wedges, which I think either look incredible or ugly, depending who you are. Skinny girls with blonde or black hair look amazing in these.


Kathy said...

YES of course! love them in beige!


So what did you decide? i would probably go with black just because my overall wardrobe...