Friday, November 13, 2009

The Launch

Urgh, I think it was a disaster. From all reports the sound mixing was out of control bad. Woke up and it was the very first thing I thought of, and I've been in cringe town since. I don't think we played badly, but the drum mics seemed to be turned off (?), the bass was overpowering everything else, until guitar distortion kicked in- at which point it turned into one big mess of sound. The mixer charged $200, and to top it off he charged an extra 50 for some reason... it must have been his surcharge for making us sound extra terrible.

ANYWAYS... it's hard to say from the stage.. so itChin up, onwards and upwards!

Not to do a double post, but here's the outfit, stuck with what I'd planned..

Trying to kill the pre gig nerves with a couple of beers...
LPs excited that I will let him cut his hair on the weekend..
The gig... the only photo I have! We are the tiny little dots up on the stage...

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