Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hello High Country

I am in the Victorian High Country. I am staying at Lindewarrah Country Estate in Milawa tonight. It's fantastic because our net has been capped, and I have really been struggling without access. Here I am free as a bird to suft the net to my heart's content.

Now the strangest thing happened today. I was listening to the radio between Beechworth & Wangaratta, and they were talking about what animals people would like to cross to create their dream species. Someone calls in and says a koala and a kangaroo, and scott dooly says "well lots of kangaroos get hit by car, but there are never ever any koalas on the road" in response to the roadkill aspect.

I am then driving back to Milawa a few hours later through the Warby Ranges, when a FLIPPING KOALA IS ON THE ROAD IN FRONT OF MY CAR !!!! I screeched on the brakes and cherries went flying. It grabbed hold of the tree before i could get my camera out and photograph it on the road, it was a truly adorable little thing!

Escaping from turning into roadkill (good move)
Getting a better view of me...
This disgusting parma was my only dinner option (the alternatives were things like Chicken Kiev, and bacon and cheese in a "sandwich" of beef fillets.. omg, just the thought!).
Check out those underbaked chips, not to mention to chicken fillet itself! Well, i was starving, what could i do!?

Here I am walking home from the pub.. my hair i really bothering me today. It's like it's gone EXTREMELY damaged, it's this yucky dry oily rooty mess.. I have had a nastly pimple on my cheek! Why am i still getting pimples. Imagine walking in these environs every day.. ahh...
Staying here, in the vines...
Nigh nigh
There is some creepy animal call going on relentlessly outside my window. Cross between a rattlesnake, a duck, and a frog.


Cotton Socks said...

first off,
your hair looks really good!! what are you talking about??
i recently treated my hair with the green kerastase treatments. its like a box and it has step 1 and step 2 and u get three uses. its really good but a bit expensive.

2nd. koala in the wild! i have NEVER seen that!! amazing!! those photos are so cool!

3rd. is milawa where they make the cheese? milawa chevre? so yum. i had it on a baguette at jones the grocer. goodness.

you get to go on lots of cool road trips ( im guessing for work?)
how fun!

Julia Svenson- Haart said...

Oh no, my hair is hideous! Good shot, but it's gone so straggly- i am completely dependent on the hair straightener now my mum doesn't blow dry it for me (yes, bit spoilt;)
The back of my hair is horrible!

Milawa is the foodie region of the North East Vic Region- AMAZING produce. I am really lucky to be doing food research stuff for a food tv show. The cheese there is delish!! :)