Saturday, February 27, 2010

Save the Date

Well, I'd be saving the date if we knew what it was!

Fridge magnet Save the Date cards with Stubby pin moveable heads.

I've started working on some wedding stationary for our wedding, and am very into a vintage Valentines Day card theme. Think...

After receiving a (reasonably dull) Save the Date in the mail recently I got inspired to make ours. I have no idea what the date is yet (sometime in October)

These are all rough versions, printed on my crappy inkjet... once on a good card, with a good laser print, i think they'll hopefully look super.

Still working on the final mechanism/ picking the outline.. Brown card outline:

We come together in a kiss!

White outline.

Black outline - done in texta, which is why it's looking a bit dogy!

Think I'll go with number 1 (brown outline) + White save the date banner. I spent all night downloading awesome fonts, only to find none of them would install. It was quite disturbing as Asian characters kept appearing when I'd open the zip .ttf folders! (yeep) I scanned them all with spybot so hopefully nothing dodgy!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Daylesford - Day 1

I spent the day in Daylesford doing a recce for the final show of the series. It was lovely, but not entirely successful. I feel like Im lacking some stories, but i have a whole couple of days before I leave to sort that out (ARGHHH! stress kicks in)

The best bits...

Heirloom Veggies, including purple & white carrots...
A bit of this came home with me and will become delicious roast veggies tomorrow night

This farm is run by a young couple originally from Melbourne.. the concept is fantastic... you literally drive in and they pick to order for you! You can have as little, or as much, as you like.

picking some broadbeans.

These veggies will accompany the fresh trout i watched get 'donked' on the head three times.. fish goes into shock - aka dead - the trout farmer pulls it's heart out, places it on the bench.. and this teeny weeny little triangular organ continues to beat for about a minute. It was the WEIRDEST thing ever.. perhaps a bit gross!? but VERY WEIRD.

The trout farm was down this road... it was like being on another planet! So removed...

This old abandoned farmhouse intrigued me so much I wanted to jump over the fence and explore... I held myself back, and took a photo instead.

I love the dead craggy tree... so wonderfully atmospheric!

Driving from Daylesford to Trentham, i came accross something I've dreamt of for a while now.. Wild Berries growing all over the side of the road! Every chef sings the praises of their local produce, and there is always local wild food stuffs that they love to take advantage of. Aside from peaches hanging over a neighbour's fence, I have never come accross this personally, but have always loved the idea of it... When I saw these growing for a few hundred metres alongside the highway it was like a revelation!

So to celebrate my discovery I picked a couple of handfuls (harder than it looked... those bushes are prickly, and those berries are pretty smooshy in the afternoon sun.. I totally 'get' the idea of early morning picking now!)

Enjoying my berries... black mouth, black tongue, black fingers.



Last night we played the Aussie SXSW BBQ at the corner hotel.. it was fun! It started right after the Music rally in the city finished, which ended up being the perfect timing... not only were there lots of people, there was lots of Live Music spirit!

I neglected the free BBQ, in favour of booze (free booze from backstage!). yay!

A couple of fairy blurry photos...

The back of the BBQ T shirt.. the other bands/musical acts off to Texas with us.

I was delighted to receive not only a free tee to commemorate the event,
but also about five Aussie BBQ stubbie holders!

T shirt worn by a drunkie drunk drummer on arrival home.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Packing.. Hot in the heat !!!

Oh good god don't let me ever have to pack for freezing temperatures in this heat again! It was... intense! But im almost there...

I took the plunge and bought the Camilla and Marc Rusk Trench. I feel like a German soldier wearing it with my boots! The military look of it is much more full on than I expected once on, but everyone that I've shown has commented on the lovely wool...

I loved pulling my leather jacket out again...

Worn with Yellow Gorman smock dress.

Work with Gorman Shirtdress ... scuse the bra on the floor! haha. I PROMISE to start getting LPs to take my pic at some stage..

Adorable hat I found at Seed... they have some incredible things! I was quite stunned by their gorgeous flat boots + Ankle wedges.

Scanlan + Theodore dress. Very winter.
I picked up this oversized Witchery Striped cardigan today.. it's awesome, but I'm not sure what to wear with it!? It took quite a few trials before it suited something in my wardrobe! Think I might exchange it ....

Friday, February 19, 2010

Gorman shirtdress

This week I bought a few things in anticipation for going overseas, including this Gorman shirtdress from Gorman Surprise in Richmond. I already have the top in this fabric, but I never wear it.. the dress is much better!

I keep buying things that don't flatter.. this is probably one of them! Mind you, i can't blame the dress... i need to get on the exercise bike!

i wore it to my Visa interview... I was scheduled for 10:15 yesterday, but i didn't get called up until 12:45PM, after bringing a wrong receipt and racing home to try and find it in hysterics! I found it, I waited, All solved.. E1 Visa approved... Im off to the states! woowoo!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


...oh but we did have one rehearsal on the weekend!

I have been missing Bakehouse and it was fun to be back.. Here are some pics during Jeremy's drum set.. where I got to lie on the very plush, antique couch..

Well gigged/ well rehearsed?

Hmm.. not quite sure.. probably not well rehearsed! We played a gig with the Pains of being Pure at heart at the East Brunswick Club tonight.. total indie darlings right now... unfortunately I had to leave before they started, but Nick tested out my camera for our set at least... and it worked a treat!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Eggs for Easter 2010

This year I had a revelation... polystyerine eggs! Normally I paint hard boiled eggs once a year for Easter Gifts. I think this could be a great thing.. here's the ones I've done for my mum... early I know!

Thye Hasbeens Make it out

I wore my Swedish Hasbeens for the first time yesterday...

With See by Chloe dress & Kookai cardigan.. it felt as though this dress got shorter as the day went on! At one point I felt my bottom when at my desk and it was totally exposed. whoopsie!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!

Lps and I fell asleep on the couch last night, after a boozey session of the room!

When I woke up, Nick gave me flowers and made me this delicious breakfast- lemon zest mushrooms with Persian Fetta on toast. Miam!

I had been planning to make some t shirts for the Room screening, but never got around to it. This is the design I was planning for Nick (except I'd decided I would do a way smaller Chicken Body) It is in reference to the film, when Tommy says "what are you? a Chicken? cheep cheep cheep!"

I wore my new boots (it was fairly cool last night!) and damnit I love them so much! So happy.

Worn with my Scanlan and Thodore silk dress..... this dress crumples SO easily. I ironed it, it had fallen on the floor of the wardrobe, quite loosely. When I picked it up, it was scrunched up again.. argh! I love it, but i hate it.

high maintenance clothes are a pain in the asssss...

A very vintage week

In my op shop travels this week I stumbled accross the following...

A bounty of check shirts, incl. a Ben Sherman, for Lps... each approx $4 each. Love those rural op shops!

This Maxi is pretty incredible. The colours. The pattern. The cut.

I've bought it thinking i need to make some adjustments, perhaps turn it into a mini or a top for the trip to Texas next month (after I've worn my boots to death in the snow!). I thought it has a bit of a SXSW vibe!? (maybe!? who knows) The frill neck is pretty amazing.

just hoping it doesn't look too comical on me.... definitely need to get the maxi out of it!..

This purple toned paisley maxi. The fit is pretty good. Needs a belt/ some styling though!

Lps really loved this dress, which surprised me!

Ok, gotta go get ready for tonight's ROOM Screening! Holy crap Im so excited!!!