Sunday, February 21, 2010

Packing.. Hot in the heat !!!

Oh good god don't let me ever have to pack for freezing temperatures in this heat again! It was... intense! But im almost there...

I took the plunge and bought the Camilla and Marc Rusk Trench. I feel like a German soldier wearing it with my boots! The military look of it is much more full on than I expected once on, but everyone that I've shown has commented on the lovely wool...

I loved pulling my leather jacket out again...

Worn with Yellow Gorman smock dress.

Work with Gorman Shirtdress ... scuse the bra on the floor! haha. I PROMISE to start getting LPs to take my pic at some stage..

Adorable hat I found at Seed... they have some incredible things! I was quite stunned by their gorgeous flat boots + Ankle wedges.

Scanlan + Theodore dress. Very winter.
I picked up this oversized Witchery Striped cardigan today.. it's awesome, but I'm not sure what to wear with it!? It took quite a few trials before it suited something in my wardrobe! Think I might exchange it ....

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Cotton Socks said...

i like the witchery cardigan! i think you should keep it. it will work well in a winter wardrobe.

in regards to Vue,

I thought the dishes all tasted really lovely.
I think it would be different with meat though.
The tastes, to me, weren't "weird" or kind or anything hard to handle.
so i think it will have broad appeal if you have a group of people who are willing to try things.
a lot of my family would probably decide they dont like it before they even try it based on presentation being "fancy" and the whole small serving on large plate phobia.

maybe you can go to vue for lunch and sample some of the menu? i think theyd do something different for the young ones and if not they will love the bubblegum flavoured icecream we had for dessert!

I haven't been to the other places you listed but heard good things about them all.
my friend has been to a couple of weddings at
Comme in the city and she said its the best.
i like that it has high ceilings and in an old federation style building.

Vue is amazing though.
When we were there we definitely considered having a wedding or engagement dinner there.
im too scared to ask about pricing though.
i imagine it would be expennnnssiivee