Saturday, February 13, 2010

A very vintage week

In my op shop travels this week I stumbled accross the following...

A bounty of check shirts, incl. a Ben Sherman, for Lps... each approx $4 each. Love those rural op shops!

This Maxi is pretty incredible. The colours. The pattern. The cut.

I've bought it thinking i need to make some adjustments, perhaps turn it into a mini or a top for the trip to Texas next month (after I've worn my boots to death in the snow!). I thought it has a bit of a SXSW vibe!? (maybe!? who knows) The frill neck is pretty amazing.

just hoping it doesn't look too comical on me.... definitely need to get the maxi out of it!..

This purple toned paisley maxi. The fit is pretty good. Needs a belt/ some styling though!

Lps really loved this dress, which surprised me!

Ok, gotta go get ready for tonight's ROOM Screening! Holy crap Im so excited!!!

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