Saturday, February 6, 2010

Clothing Rut.

I think lately I have fallen into a bit of a rutt with clothes. My technicolour vision has dulled a bit (I just don't feel like wearing a hypercolour mish mash of a bright blue dress with a yellow cardigan, purple tights and red shoes) In some strange way I think my tastes have changed over the last year... i can't resist buying the 60s crazy floral dress from the vintage store.. but then I don't wear it. Anyways... I am currently in a state between then, and next, and havn't quite figured out what NOW is!?

So this week I felt like I was smack bang in the middle of a style crisis. What clothes do I like!? Floral Dresses? Black!? Why am I only wearing one or two pairs of shoes? Where are all my bows!? What the hell... Im so boring !! Some examples...

Maxi floral dress, bought for $29.00 before the maxi craze kicked in (we're talking about four years ago! It was the ONLY maxi I had ever seen at this stage!) It was dug up from back of wardrobe. With gold boots, and a Grey Kookai Cardigan.
Of all places I bought this mid length dress from a surf shop!? I didn't notice until I got home that the label called it a "Faux Denim dress". On closer inspection of the pattern, i realised it WAS INDEED a faux denim! That's a bit NQR. Anyways. here it is with Marc Jacobs Sandals and sass and bide t shirt (now a firm wardrobe staple)

Close up of the "faux denim" pattern. haha.

I have MANY vintage dresses waiting on an outing/ wearing/ photographing/ straight to ebaying. I bouht this one last week in St Kilda, because the floral was so digital looking- it looked like a silk print from a Romance was Born Collection!? Anyways it is about two sizes too big, and makes me look two sizes bigger as a result! I was imagining i would wear it with tan boots come winter, but it's gone straight to ebay...
I have been so damn tired, i look and feel like hell, as this photo suggests!

Getting ready for a trip to NYC is not going to be easy given this current wardobe climate. Am going to consider buying a good pair of boots, and a good trench (It feels very esprit to say this, but am contemplating something from Karen Millen to fit this void) then i will wear that the entire time Im away!!! I will wear one outfit (I can forsee absolute hatred for myself arriving in NYC with one outfit, ahaha)

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