Saturday, February 6, 2010

THE ROOM in Melbourne!

So I won tickets to the amazing Cult Movie, The ROOM, starring Tommy Wiseau from Vice Magazine last night. F' CK YEAH! Here I am wearing my ROOM GENERATION t shirt, which was sent to me all the way from LA, picked up free by friends at an LA screening. This is a collectors T shirt and I love it, and it's crapness!!! I didn't end up wearing it, but it's awesome.

Lps modelling our ROOM t shirt. YEAH!

Cinema Nova is screening 4 sessions throughout February, 11PM on Saturday nights. One of the highlights of my year.. this movie is a true classic of terrible cinema!

originally I had only bought tickets for next week's screening, but then low and behold i won a double pass for last night. So with Short notice, LPs and I went and boy was it awesome!

Here we are getting ready.. I have my football and Decorative Spoon ready to go! We didn't end up taking the football but might get one for next week!


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