Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Daylesford - Day 1

I spent the day in Daylesford doing a recce for the final show of the series. It was lovely, but not entirely successful. I feel like Im lacking some stories, but i have a whole couple of days before I leave to sort that out (ARGHHH! stress kicks in)

The best bits...

Heirloom Veggies, including purple & white carrots...
A bit of this came home with me and will become delicious roast veggies tomorrow night

This farm is run by a young couple originally from Melbourne.. the concept is fantastic... you literally drive in and they pick to order for you! You can have as little, or as much, as you like.

picking some broadbeans.

These veggies will accompany the fresh trout i watched get 'donked' on the head three times.. fish goes into shock - aka dead - the trout farmer pulls it's heart out, places it on the bench.. and this teeny weeny little triangular organ continues to beat for about a minute. It was the WEIRDEST thing ever.. perhaps a bit gross!? but VERY WEIRD.

The trout farm was down this road... it was like being on another planet! So removed...

This old abandoned farmhouse intrigued me so much I wanted to jump over the fence and explore... I held myself back, and took a photo instead.

I love the dead craggy tree... so wonderfully atmospheric!

Driving from Daylesford to Trentham, i came accross something I've dreamt of for a while now.. Wild Berries growing all over the side of the road! Every chef sings the praises of their local produce, and there is always local wild food stuffs that they love to take advantage of. Aside from peaches hanging over a neighbour's fence, I have never come accross this personally, but have always loved the idea of it... When I saw these growing for a few hundred metres alongside the highway it was like a revelation!

So to celebrate my discovery I picked a couple of handfuls (harder than it looked... those bushes are prickly, and those berries are pretty smooshy in the afternoon sun.. I totally 'get' the idea of early morning picking now!)

Enjoying my berries... black mouth, black tongue, black fingers.


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