Sunday, May 30, 2010

Saturday, May 29, 2010

This week

Last week LPs took me ice skating at Melbourne's Icehouse at Docklands. Yowserama! Fun city!

I think we made a couple of mistakes-
1. Sunday afternoon (insane kids session, children going down everywhere, every moment! I swear their lil fingers on ice are asking for some slicing!)
2. My personal mistake- forgetting socks! Yep.. I am officially gross, I ice skated in the hire boots without socks. Ended up with hideous blisters. After waiting in the long queue to get in, i felt like I had to grin and bare it!

On Tuesday I went out to Buxton to shoot a story on a fish farm that has recovered since the fires. It was good fun, and despite predictions of rain, it never kicked in.

I wanted to do some salmon milking.... ie, squeeze a salmon's tummy so all their eggs spray out. This is Caviar! I had no idea what it was going to look like, and was slightly disturbed when I saw how it happened. It's like a hose of eggs.. then the salmon goes all weird floppy and limp as it's placed back in the water. In shock, it then takes a few moments to get moving again. In fact, you would swear the fish is so traumatised that it just died.

Nikcky was an excellent sport and gave it a go...

We've had a nightly addition lately to the local soundscape lately ... Strange goings-ons along the train line, loud machinery, flashing lights. During the week I climbed up on the back fence and tried to get a sense of what was going on. No idea, but it sure looks creepy!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Sweet Addition- the red Tweed Bow Coat

I bought a stack of stuff this week at the Chadstone VIP sale... will post all the stuff over the next week as a I get a chance to wear it all.

I've been spending a lot of time scouring Alannah Hill.. looking for a wedding-appropriate cardigan shrug/ fur / beaded jacket.

Unfortunately I've so far found nothing suitable, except I did stumble accross a lil winter gem.
Introducing my new wool tweed Alannah Hill coat. I think I gasped with delight and shook a lil with excitement when I saw it. It combines so many of my loves... a Chanel-esque tweed, a fabulous popping red, sweeter than sweet lining, and a delightful bow detail at the waist.

One critique... I had to go up a size... why do Alannah Hill cut so damn small?
(I'd understand for my bum, but the shoulder cuts so teensy tiny!)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sports Tent Top

I picked up this oversized "tent" style hoodie at Witchery today.

I asked LPs to take a photo, to avoid doing the mirror shot, and unfortunately I kind of look like a dwarf! See below.

We went off to ride our bikes, with new (tentish) hoodie on.
LPs mentioned I looked very 80s today, as though I were a cast member of The Goonies.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bits and Pieces

I did a few things over the weekend... I bought some sewing patterns, some floral fabrics, and Georgie and I had a sewing bee. Normally when it comes to sewing, I just decide what I'm going to do, visualise the shape it needs to be, and get to work! More often than not I choose an existing top i have, and use that as my guide by cutting around it's shape. My training is minimal so Im prone to sewing up a storm with excitement, only to ruin the piece at the 11th hour with a crappy hemline or a snagged underarm.

If only I'd invested in a good sewing machine rather than a mediocre one. Whilst it's served me okay up until now, I'm finding the inconsistencies, lax tension, and varied stitching make things ten times harder than they need to be.

Anyways, this pattern is a sinch. I have made two floral dresses in this shape on the right... the Egypt travel guides are for the crew I'm sending to Egypt. Lucky them.

Here's the second!
(the first, a blue floral, suffers as one armhole is inexplicably smaller than the other!?

GREAT fabric. It's a super lightweight cotton. Still some finishing touches to go...

Sunday Evening I did something so completely out of the ordinary.....

I went to the football... for the second time ever!

It was a twilight match, Essendon vs Saints. We had tix to the Medallion Club, so we drank watery mid-strength beer- I managed to read the paper, and catch up with my phone scrabble games!

I almost wore this floral dress out of the house, but decided at the last minute I just wasn't pulling it off. I don't know what to do, it's SO adorable, SO on the money when it comes to my fanatical love of floral fabric.. but something in me won't allow it to leave the house!

Here's a tricky one. I bought this dress (because that colour is so fab!) from Indigo.. but after trying it on it today, it looks so terribly crumbled and sad. I'm tempted to take it back for this reason and exchange it.. the top section is ribbbed, and already feels like it's going to stretch out. What should I do... HMMM.

And in keeping with my recent loss after loss (cardigan after cardigan!) i lost my favourite pair of Nikes- the ones I bought in Berlin last year when I could barely walk in my thongs due to major blisterage! I have no idea where they've gone, but I've waited a week and they've not shown up. In order to not talk myself out of working out, i bought a new pair of Asics.

I just took em for a spin around the block!

Monday, May 10, 2010

New Shoes/ stuff!

I attempted to match my charcoal boots (*gag* ... literally i have come to have a physical reaction to the colour/ fabric!) this was the best I could do. Most unspectacular. I realised they had to go back. A bit cute, yes. Edgy and cool? NO.

Back to Sambag I went at lunchtime and picked up these babies...Yellow Pony Hair Ballet Flats

'Scuse the (very!) Sun-free legs!

And I also got these moulded platform wedges in a khakki grey suede.

Recently I had a voucher for an online store called VelvetFox. Unfortunately most of the clothes don't fall into my 'colour palette' (tends to be greys and blacks) so I waited it out, and finally bought this oversized One Teaspoon Cardigan.Here I am getting ready to go to Costco on the weekend, when Lps called me "Kurt Cobain" ahahaha. It actually has a faux distressing to the knit, what a bizarre addition!?

Does it look like I've snagged the back? Well, nope.. that's just another distressed spot!

Something quite random that I decided to buy on a whim was fake flowers.... this little pink bunch screamed 'buy me' in the window of a High St Interior design store. I gave in, and returned home- completely baffled by my purchase!? Since when do i buy fake flowers!?

And finally, found this lil charm bracelet in my jewellery box today... I popped it on, for fun, and wore it to work. It's tarnished, noisy, and at risk of constantly falling off.. but it's also a fond piece from my uni days.

The letters spell out "LOVE" ... cool!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

wedding invitation pack

I think they're almost done!

(After much mind- changing, and resigning myself to the fact I would have time to be making elaborate pop out cards, or mock Golden story book invitations)

My wedding invite Postcard pack... based on cameos of Nick and I.
I wanted to include a tactile element, so the invitations are made from fabric covered card, and all the postcards are backed with fabric.

I went to so many hardware shops to find one that had the red and white twine.

I'm pleased with the outcome, and itching to get them sent out!!!!

My camera is simply saying no to focus lately (it likes to set itself on macro, and mess up all my pics!) so excuse the fuzzyness.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Charcoal in MY wardrobe!?

This afternoon I found myself under pressure in Sambag, when I stumbled across a shoe style I mildly interested in, however aparently it had "sold out accross Australia... one pair left in your size". I had seen a similar pair in Gorman last week, however struggled to walk in them. This Sambag pair of lace up booties seemed so reasonable and day to day in comparison.

I went for a walk, and came back.. still unsure.

The reason for my hesitation was entirely about the colour. Black and stone was sold out.. what was left was a Charcoal feltish wool blend .. a colour and fabric I reserve for arty 50 Year old women in unconventional knitwear and loud specticles.

I gave in, and now they're in my room, awaiting their first attempt to match to an outfit... they are cross between Clarks (inlcuding the signature rough rubber sole) and every other pair of shoes I already own!

Make up Trial

So I had my makeup done professionally tonight at a studio in Armadale.

Let's face it- I am a fussy, fussy girl, with some very specific make up requirements. In fact, so specific that the idea of anyone else doing it for me has always seemed quite ridiculous.

I decided however that I would let go on this occasion because I'm a bride to be, and brides always look amazing with their make up done professionally.. I'd get them to do my wedding make up when I was blown away by the results.

This was the source of my inspiration...

Photos are sourced from the amazing Bridal accessories site.

And here are the results..

If only i were still young and fresh!

I've been told you're supposed to take photos after to see what you look like and if it's working... flash included...

I dunno... i think it's pretty heavy for daytime wear, but then again that's kinda what I wanted. The skin assessor commented on my large pores (just what we love to hear! haha). I'm going to buy some fake lashes and give it a whirl myself.