Monday, May 10, 2010

New Shoes/ stuff!

I attempted to match my charcoal boots (*gag* ... literally i have come to have a physical reaction to the colour/ fabric!) this was the best I could do. Most unspectacular. I realised they had to go back. A bit cute, yes. Edgy and cool? NO.

Back to Sambag I went at lunchtime and picked up these babies...Yellow Pony Hair Ballet Flats

'Scuse the (very!) Sun-free legs!

And I also got these moulded platform wedges in a khakki grey suede.

Recently I had a voucher for an online store called VelvetFox. Unfortunately most of the clothes don't fall into my 'colour palette' (tends to be greys and blacks) so I waited it out, and finally bought this oversized One Teaspoon Cardigan.Here I am getting ready to go to Costco on the weekend, when Lps called me "Kurt Cobain" ahahaha. It actually has a faux distressing to the knit, what a bizarre addition!?

Does it look like I've snagged the back? Well, nope.. that's just another distressed spot!

Something quite random that I decided to buy on a whim was fake flowers.... this little pink bunch screamed 'buy me' in the window of a High St Interior design store. I gave in, and returned home- completely baffled by my purchase!? Since when do i buy fake flowers!?

And finally, found this lil charm bracelet in my jewellery box today... I popped it on, for fun, and wore it to work. It's tarnished, noisy, and at risk of constantly falling off.. but it's also a fond piece from my uni days.

The letters spell out "LOVE" ... cool!


Rabbi Lars Shalom said...


Cotton Socks said...

cute buys!
i was thinking about buying a fake tree the other day.
but i wouldn't even know where to find a fake tree.
im sick of my indoor plants dying. i cant get enough light in for them where i want them to sit.

i love your wedding invites!! they're so cute and unique!
id love to receive an invite like that instead of the usual snorefest that goes around theses days.
i see that you ended up choosing comme!!
yayyy! its sooooo nice isn't it??!!
im so stoked you chose comme.
it looks amazing.
my friend said the food there is reallllllyyyyy good too. she has been to 2 weddings there.