Saturday, May 1, 2010

Looking for A dress...

I am on the serious hunt for a new Vintage Silk Jersey dress ala Pucci, Bessi, Maurice or Leonard Paris. Must have fine Graphic detailing, be signed, be silk jersey... and preferably have a floral element.

I've had some shocker expeirces purchasing these labels online in the past (my love of Alverardo Bessi in particular! - Originally one of Puccci's designers) as I've received some in terrible condition, or drastically smaller than their tagged size (damn vintage!) and had to seek refunds.

Here are some favourites...

1. Leonard Paris Floral Dress...
So much prettier when you see the detailing! This is what I love so much about this era of Fashion... the quality is amazing, the details are so luxe, and the style is forever (in my closet anyways!)

I would like to add a Leonard piece to my Winter wardrobe.. I have to keep a keen eye on the auctions, because some of the dresses are listed at well over a thousand dollars by savvy sellers!

This one is just adorable.. I love everything about it! That Monet Yacht Print is something else!

Love the pattern around the neckline, waist hem and sleeves.
Orange Paisley dress by Maurice
Alverardo Bessi Maxi Dress..
Detail up close...
One for horse-lovers. The Equestrian Maxi.

Phew, that's all for now. Hope I find something sensible to fit my Graphic dress Winter Craving!

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