Monday, April 26, 2010

My Muppet "what Not"

When we were in New York (seems so long ago now! *sob*) Id, Hugh and I decided that we were getting Muppets made at FAO Schwartz at their Whatnot Workshop. We were pretty (very) drunk when we discussed it, so I was shocked to wake up and follow through on plans the following morning.

Until FAO let us down.. they had sold out of blonde hair, brown hair, and thick black rimmed glasses.

Each of us was missing our essential definining physical characteristic! So I put the idea on the backburner.

Since I've been home, we've decided to buy Lp's cousin one for his 30th. This is a very strange 30th gift... but i think it's damn AWESOME!

I've been sidetracked making my own, and am very tempted to buy one, for a silly fun (useless:) ornament. Here are my current looks..

Love the Burberry-esque trench- adorable!

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Cotton Socks said...

that self portrait is amazing!!
omg! the eyes are so good.

D and i haven't set a date at all. we're thinking like 3 years or something. no where in the near future.
our families are hassling us to have an engagement party which we also dont want.
and they think its because we dont want to organise or spend money or whatever. but its actually because of all the family drama we dont want to be a part of.
like " you must invite them" "dont invite them"
"if you dont invite them they wont speak to us"
its really pissing me off so badly!!
i said to D lets just make it blood family only so its clear cut but then he wants friends and that makes it very messy as to where to draw the line.
its been v annoying and stressful.
and do we invite kids or not?
half the family has kids under 5 so its all very hard to deal with.
i give up!
i just want no engagement party.
they think im being stupid.
when will it end!