Monday, April 12, 2010

Paper Art Discovery

In my whole Shopping Ban state of mind, I've become obsessed with researching Stationary and Paper Artists to get inspired to get back into crafting.

One of my discoveries is Jayme McGowan from Roadside Projects . I am so inspired by this work, so much so that I was itching to get home from work today to start working on my wedding invitations. (Currently I'm thinking about some sort of hand painted pop up card... possibly with some hand stitching?- obsessed much!?)

Anyways.. Roadside Projects artwork is adorable... Her creative process is described here.

I'm craving crafty projects, especially as i think the band is going to calm down a bit post tour. Plus I've got a low level of work morale.. need a boost! So I need to find my own style of something... my own thing to a Roadside Project level of execution!

The items in the etsy shop are adorable. I briefly considered emailing for a quote on the price of a wedding scene, however I made a pledge to do personalise every part of the wedding that I can.

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