Thursday, April 1, 2010

Wedding Date

Appearing soon in letterboxes around Melbourne...

The date for the wedding has been set... horrah! I jumped on the opportunity to print up and assemble my "Save the Date" cards which I posted before my trip.

I also designed an envelope to accompany the card.... overall am happy with both and very excited to get them sent out! I had to make a template for an envelope on photoshop (mathematics is not exactly my forte!) and the brown paper texture / design is just printed on one side. They also needed to be cut out and assembled.

We just need to write up a guest list now to figure how many we need!

Last night's "working bee" with a beer... or three..

We've been changing our minds about what we want to do for a lil while now... it changes weekly. Now that the actual wedding service is locked in, we can go about finding a venue.. hopefully 6 months is enough time.. we'll make it work!

In other news I wore my new vintage dress yesterday. I think it's lovely, if only it wern't my least favourite fabric (polyester!)

yay it's almost jacket weather again!

1 comment:

Cotton Socks said...

they're so cute!
v nice work.
good luck with finding a venue.
there are so many lovely ones around melbourne im sure youll find something.
are u doing a cocktails canapes type reception?
that will make it easier in a short space of time!!

did you decide on the alexa or the PS1?!