Monday, April 12, 2010

Getting Physical

I am on a self- imposed shopping ban for a month. This is largely a result my frivilous lifestyle in the States (well, the whole trip to the States in general!)

The States have damaged me in more ways than just my wallet.. I finally pulled together the courage to get on the wii fit.. and i was absolutely horrified to find that i gained almost 5 kilo over there! In four weeks! I certainly felt fatter, but I didn't want to actually BE fatter! *shudder*

As a result of this (not so) shocking revelation, Im turned off buying clothes because nothing looks good in the changeroom! (convenient for the shopping ban!)

To get myself out of this fat rut, I decided to step into Kath and Kim territory on the weekend and bought... my own Elliptical Trainer! aka, Cross Trainer!

I am going to feel like a suberban mum, but not suberban and not a mum- I am excited!

So it took a few hours of online research, which mattered none once I actually got in-store and found that they were so variable - and normally the mid range had a better motion than the high range.

So it was delivered tonight... and it has been a case of Man vs Machine. One of the parts feels slightly bent, so there is absolutely no way that Lps could push the screw through. He looks downright deflated. I was dreaming of watching four corners on the elliptical, to cross train than five kegs to smitherines. NO such luck..

This is where we're at....I am left with the following ... it's so close, and yet so far..

HOLY CRAP!!!! Right as I was about to press "Publish" LPs gets the screw in !!!!!!!! He said he stared it down, with such extreme frustration (3hrs of his life wasted on one screw- it was a nightmare!) that he decided he was going to "fix this bastard" .. and HE DID!!! ahh.. still a lil way off tho!

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