Monday, April 12, 2010


Being a New Kids on the Block fan from way back, I knew all about Boston!

I found myself catching flights through Chicago about three times in 4 days! On the flight Cleveland- Chicago- Boston I was engrossed in the On Board Shopping Magazine. This creepy pair of hidden camera sunglasses caught my eye. As Id commented at the time, they have the vibe of mirrored shoes!

Why would somebody want a hidden videocamera on their sunglasses? Who would this appeal to? (only dodgy characters come to mind!)

Id and I stayed at a converted Fire House, called the Kendall Hotel, in the inner Suberb of Cambridge. Right in the middle of the university district (and minutes from Harvard) it was quite the cool student scene. Not that we could really tell.. we arrived to the worst weather i have probably ever seen! It was absolutely bucketing down!!

I spoke to Little Scott, who was in town being blown away by the torrential rains, so we chose to stay inside, have baths, and slowly get ready for the night's gig.

Our room, quilted bedspreads- adorable.

What a pillow- embroidered America!

I don't know why it seemed so wise to play this show.. in retrospect it was pretty dumb. The boys had driven about 14 hours, whilst Id and I had just spent an extra $300 airfare to avoid driving 14 hours.

It was a Monday night and it was POURING with rain.. the wind was absolutely whipping gale force, inside out umbrella before you'd even stepped out into the elements. It was nasty.. if i had a choice I'd be under a doona!

We persevered nonetheless. I had some Thai food for dinner.. the only semblance of healthy I had the entire time I was away! I had soup.

I look rather blissful from the Thai food? hmm.

Anyways.. there's no point exploring the show too much. It was exactly as I thought it would be... pretty sparse attendance, and a pretty average performance. On arrival at the bar we'd even had to go back to our accom to get our passports!

The Great Scott, Monday 12th March

BoldWe're on there somewhere

In Boston they do not accept Australian drivers licenses.. even if you're all 30 and above!! (and this is done rudely)

Some of my brothers friends made there way down to the show, after we'd finished! They came from Providence, and drove through the terrible terrible weather... only to miss us!

Brian, on the right, was a laugh riot. We wanted to employ his services as our "vibes man" !

Making friends with local colour
Hugh was very unwell.. this turned into a Bronchial infection in Texas

I don't remember a lot of the details of the night.. we ended up at another bar around the corner, and I'm told one of the guys we'd met fell on top of the table, knocking everyones drinks on the floor. It sounds terribly dramatic, but I have no recollection of it whatsoever!

The following day was absolutely spectacular. Still freezing, but absolutely glorious blue skies. I was able to take a photo of our accom without being rained away...

the Kendall

We went out for brunch with a guy called Andrew from the band, Pantsyell. Apparently they are fab the band tells me, but I havn't had a chance to catch them. He was delightful brunch company.

We went to a place called the Friendly Toast- which was reccommended by so many people, and got good reason. It was incredible! So many things to look at everywhere, and the brunch was great!

Hugh, still sick

one of the back rooms

Hamburger Head

My green eggs

We didn't get much time to sightsee.. in fact it was all done from our Tahoe!
We raced to the airport, and almost missed our plane! I think we literally had seconds as we raced through. I overheard the customs guy ask the other guy if he'd ever seen an Aussie passport before, he seemed to strain for a moment, then said "I think I saw one once"

So few aussies in Boston going through customs!?!?!? weird.

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