Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The big 30 .. almost there!

It was Lp's 30th on the weekend!

I now officially have two months of being the Younger woman! hehe!

I took LPs to Coda in the city, after a gushing reccomendation. I was planning on Vue or Cutler & Co, but 6 weeks out I was still unable to get a booking. Coda was good, the food was solid- it verged a lil on Summer, but delicious all the same.

Here is lps tucking into our first course of 6, Steak Tartare with Quail Egg. Most satisfactory.

Straight after dins we went to Siglo, which is awesome. We have been dieting and trying to be good, so our drinking fitness is way, way down.
We basically got spazzo drinking out on the rooftop.

We pretended we were back in Romania.
The surroundings remind us of magical little pockets we visited in Bucharest.

It was raining, and cold. Thankgoodness for outdoor heating.
Since then it's been the coldest temps in weeks.. BRRRR
I wore a Marc Jacobs dress with a Sussans jacket from my bargain bulk buy a few weeks back.

We grabbed some beers from the bottle shop and continued to booze up at home, for fun.

30th afterall!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Wedding Look Love

Woah, came accross this beautiful wedding shot on stylemepretty.

I think I am formulating my ideas more clearly.

This look.. (GAH! gorgeous)

Combined with this kind of floral design (provided my mum follows my wildflower vision!)

In other news I have assigned LPs to be my 'dietician' and my 'personal trainer'. He is motivated as hell, so he better kick my arse into shape in time to pull a look ala the above off in time for October 9!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Loving this Gaudy YSL Statement cuff!

Half price on Netaporter right now.... hmmmmm :D

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bonboneirie Re-think!

I've decided to go with a theme, and the theme is cameos + green and white.

I had a new idea for the favours, bought out the Lindt chocolate bar supply at the local Priceline and got to work!

I bought multiple boxes of the above. Checkout Guy seemed confused.
Unwrapping chocolate bars- very, very carefully!
It was quite difficult to find foiled chocolates- apparently due to tampering everything must now be in Plastic!

Ta da!

What a relief, I will not have to consider baking cookies in the days leading up to the big day.

Next step... new wedding cake + new place settings!
(ahhah, I am crafting and making mess like a maniac right now)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Wedding Update - Place Cards

Well into the productive DIY Swing that has consumed my weekend, I decided last night that I wanted to get my place settings done. I don't really have a theme (my Save the dates would suggest some sort of brown paper cutesy Vintage, my Invitations would suggest a green and white Stripe thing)

Anyways I've taken a risk and gone very crafty... I've started making individual faces + settings for all of our guests. The catch... it's mixed up fabric hearts- almost babyish in nature? I figure they will sit flat on the plates.... I think. I sat up until 4:30AM cutting, pasting, painting, sticking. I'm 50% of the way there, provided I don't change my mind. Classy and sterile, this wedding will be not!

Working it all out....

What I came up with..

Some of the individual places.

Bride & Groom. Yet to be decided upon how I do these...


Wedding Update - Favours

I have been contemplating a few different ideas for the wedding Favours (or more excitingly - the Wedding BonBoneirie!) The DIY bug has well and truly taken over!

I finally got around to doing a test of what I was thinking... N + J Gingerbread cookies. So yesterday I baked the morning away, and tested my idea.

Fortunately the cookies were delicious, unfortunately the icing was a bit sloppy, and as a result nowhere near as conscise as i would like the icing to be. That's a good thing for next time!?

Some minis.

By the time the icing had 'dried' (and after I'd been to see Animal Kingdom at the Como- what a heavy experience!) I tested out my packaging ideas. Thinking I will go with the Cellophane Bag below, and buy a whole bunch of different ribbons. I am obsessed with this Candy Stripe Nylon String right now, however I'm getting the impression it's lack of luxe-ness leaves everyone less than enthused when I seek opinion! I'll take that as a hint. haha.

My other idea was to make some packing, as below, and go crazy with different vintage fabrics to seal it up.

It's been a really cold weekend. No matter what I did I couldn't get enough light to take the photos properly! I've been so productive... but I wonder if it's like Im organising details for a kid's party rather than a wedding!

nom nom nom.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ye Olde Silk Jersey Vintage Bounty

woo... hoo!

I've nabbed a few bargains in the last few days. Woohoo! Last week I picked up a Bounty from Chadstone VIP Night at.... Sussans! Of all places. It all looks like Witchery and Country Road. I have heard they are doing a revamp.

The most exciting find however was at the local Hawthorn op Shop. I strolled past on my (brand new attempt at a habit) lunchtime walk, and discovered a whole world of my favourite thing in the whole world- French 70s silk jersey!! wahh! I only blogged about it a week or so ago!!!

So imagine my shock/ excitement/ craziness to find a bunch of Racine of Paris on the racks! $10 a pop! I can only assume a rich old lady from Hawthorn died.... as LPs would joke, I'm wearing my new dresses covered in "corpse juice"!

Silk Popping pink Racine of Paris wraparound dress that I wore to work today.
Ignore the mess. I've been a lil lazy lately.

With my CABLE cardigan which has got... since last winter....ARGH... moth holes on the back of the arms.

This one's got great sleeves.... a lil tight... but should be OK by next Summer! (with the lunchtime walking plan and all! haha)

Sleeve detail... semi visible!
Geez Im looking tired. Blame work. Blame sitting at my desk until late tonight finishing a script.
Blame a desire to sleep all morning and not wake up until late late late!

Additional Racine Dresses... the ones I need to adjust a lil, so I won't post the full thing, but focus on the delightful prints. Ahhh Silk jersey i love you...

This one is very tight on my bottom, but it has this awesome fabric sheath over the front. I am contemplating making it a top. It has such a granny feel, unless I made some serious adjustments as a dress i cannae wear it! Great colours though..

This one's a wrap - it's just not working with a belt.
I'll try it again, or pop on ebay!?

Racine Paris wool yellow cardigan, perfect condition, with a silk jersey striped trim.
SOOOOO lovely. I am sensitive as hell to wool, and this one prickles like crazy, so not sure whether to sell or hold onto... Im a serious sucker for yella!

Perri Cutten Tartan tee- so cool!!!
60s print scarf.

I also pulled out the ol' Fleur Wood linen floral shift mini this week.
It may be a favourite purchase ever.

Worn with a newbie Sussans cardigan I scored in the stack of purchases for around 80% off!
With my dr denim jeans and my gold booties!