Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The big 30 .. almost there!

It was Lp's 30th on the weekend!

I now officially have two months of being the Younger woman! hehe!

I took LPs to Coda in the city, after a gushing reccomendation. I was planning on Vue or Cutler & Co, but 6 weeks out I was still unable to get a booking. Coda was good, the food was solid- it verged a lil on Summer, but delicious all the same.

Here is lps tucking into our first course of 6, Steak Tartare with Quail Egg. Most satisfactory.

Straight after dins we went to Siglo, which is awesome. We have been dieting and trying to be good, so our drinking fitness is way, way down.
We basically got spazzo drinking out on the rooftop.

We pretended we were back in Romania.
The surroundings remind us of magical little pockets we visited in Bucharest.

It was raining, and cold. Thankgoodness for outdoor heating.
Since then it's been the coldest temps in weeks.. BRRRR
I wore a Marc Jacobs dress with a Sussans jacket from my bargain bulk buy a few weeks back.

We grabbed some beers from the bottle shop and continued to booze up at home, for fun.

30th afterall!

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