Sunday, June 6, 2010

Wedding Update - Favours

I have been contemplating a few different ideas for the wedding Favours (or more excitingly - the Wedding BonBoneirie!) The DIY bug has well and truly taken over!

I finally got around to doing a test of what I was thinking... N + J Gingerbread cookies. So yesterday I baked the morning away, and tested my idea.

Fortunately the cookies were delicious, unfortunately the icing was a bit sloppy, and as a result nowhere near as conscise as i would like the icing to be. That's a good thing for next time!?

Some minis.

By the time the icing had 'dried' (and after I'd been to see Animal Kingdom at the Como- what a heavy experience!) I tested out my packaging ideas. Thinking I will go with the Cellophane Bag below, and buy a whole bunch of different ribbons. I am obsessed with this Candy Stripe Nylon String right now, however I'm getting the impression it's lack of luxe-ness leaves everyone less than enthused when I seek opinion! I'll take that as a hint. haha.

My other idea was to make some packing, as below, and go crazy with different vintage fabrics to seal it up.

It's been a really cold weekend. No matter what I did I couldn't get enough light to take the photos properly! I've been so productive... but I wonder if it's like Im organising details for a kid's party rather than a wedding!

nom nom nom.

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