Sunday, September 26, 2010

Please leave a note

I just made a guestbook for the wedding.
Am curious- do people still have guest books at weddings?
I can't recall ever seeing one!

Oh well, here's ours. I finally put my clay flowers to good use, and made a matching framed sign.

I love the idea I can cut and paste all sorts of things for this book- from copies of the menus, to wedding cards- like a high school style scrap book.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Sunday, September 19, 2010


At K Mart the other day I was overwhelmed by the number of Grey Nailpolishes.

I gave it a whirl today, why not.

Hit List - Fleur Wood

Fleur Wood has really started upping the ante with her Spring 2010 collection. Holy moly I'm drooling over so many of her pretty pieces - I can't bare it!

Here are all my favs... hopefully I can make a slow accumulation (perhaps when Im back from Mexico some of these pieces will be on sale!?)

Anywhichway- To kick off the collection I gave in today and purchased the Blossom Maxi dress I have had my eye on for soooooo long... approx 1 month! Yay.. it is divine, well cut, and makes it's first outing with me immediately. Unfortunately that just means wearing it to work tomorrow!

This Annabella bow maxi is without doubt my next purchase.
Especially in this beautiful colour, that they're calling "spice".

Be mine.... ASAP !!!

I was thinking there is something so Glory days of Zimmermann about this dress.
But Don't get me wrong- I always love Zimmermann!
Next up, the Dahlia print assymetric dress.
So sweet and pretty... if it were a teensy tiny bit longer I would snap it up immediately.
Imagine it Ankle length? That would be my 2nd dream maxi!
When it comes to beautiful fabrics and floral, there is almost noone who does it better than Fleur ... as this dress is testament to.
The orange is so vibrant and popping, the frills such a sweet touch.
Oh how I would LOVE this Forget me Not Maxi to appear in my wardrobe in time for Summer...
Beach cover ups? Tick! Strawberry Rosette pieces...

The Kyoko Maxi dress, was, for short while, on the wedding dress shortlist.
They were going to make one up for me in the stunning peachy dusty rose pink lace.
By the time they could do it, I had less time left pre wedding than they needed.
Sadly, I had to move on.
Having now seen the dress in person, YOWSER, I would have had a killer dress!

Let it be known, I love a maxi!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Products, Bits.. and stuff.

woo hoo! Honeymoon is 95% booked. Im going to Mexico! And Cuba! I can't believe it's less than a month.. in three weeks from today I'll be a married woman. In three weeks and two days from today Ill be on a jetplane to Cabos! woowoo. It's all quite hard to imagine.

Of course going to Mexico, I'm going to start getting my wardrobe together. And I've only got three weeks to do so! Going to Mexico requires cute sandals.. I thought these Chinese Laundry Jelly bow flats from DJs fit the bill to get the ball rolling.

My skin has been breaking out something bananas. I've had workmates concerned for me- bringing in tissue salts and articles from magazines about how to clear things up- I've sensed a genuine interest in helping me get the problem sorted!

The weird thing is, I'm breaking out... but it's sticking around! Taunting me. I'm genuinely nervous! To try and combat my skin's bad behaviour, I've turned to my trusted friend, Aesop. Be gone all other product-

Work your magic plant botatnicals! (please!!)
I had a lil splurge at Mac a couple weeks back for wedding makeup (whilst testing was around the time my problems began!) Anyways, it's a shame because their makeup is damn good. Here's a few of the goodies.....

So, back to ye faithful. The best cosmetica in the world (I think- esp as it smells like roses!) YSL.

And my hair is now experiencing the amazingness of Moroccan Oil. I don't think I would ever give this product a second a glance (yes, I am superficial and prefer the above YSL bling box appeal when it comes to product selection) but this stuff is great. SO great, I own the lot.

This week we received our first wedding gift.. how exciting!! My mum's friend, helene, gave me a beautiful set of Wedgewood teacups. They came individually boxed in these adorable Wedgewood Hat Boxes- almost as pretty as the tea settings themselves!

We went tie shopping for LPs today.... it took HOURS, we chose two and some cufflinks, but still I am so unsure! He has crashed out on the couch from shopping fatigue, i think he may be feeling- 'never again, god please, never again'!! hahaa.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Asos 4 Bad Budgets

Being on a wedding budget has seriously curbed my clothing + beauty budget.

So I had to come up with a way to get get bang for my buck.

Solution 1- a new "day to day" hairdresser. Yes a risky, risky trial with a lady in Bentleigh with a backyard studio. She charges FIFTY DOLLARS FOR COLOUR + BLOW WAVE !!!!

Here is tonight's result... Colour is great. I am holding off cutting my hair until the wedding so it's very very frazzled. And my fringe is at an uneven mess. I am scared to let anyone touch it!

Gosh, just looking at my cut is annoying! haha.

It's gotten to stackhat proportions at times. Eg.

Next up- clothes! i want i want.

The solution -!

To make Asos even more guilt-free?

Asos SALE !! Holy moly.

Here's some stuff that arrived this week.

Dress that reminds me of Marc by Marc Jacobs.
That is why I bought it. I think it might be a bit young/ a bit not my colours!
I might give it a whirl this weekend though, if weather permits!

$8 (!!!) dress with bow back.
Thinking I might cut the skirt off and wear as a top.

The most trapezey dress ever made.
It's so voluminous, and as it is the size is roughly a size bigger than it should be.
Perfect Mexico breakfast gear I thought?

The best bit is the metallic thread... multicolour!

Mid calf length embellished Maxi.
Recent Asos dress worn with necklace from Andy.
(yay! I found something it matches perfectly)

This dress reminds me of Lonely Hearts (plus around ten kilos).

I admit it's not the most flattering of silhouettes, but still think it's so cool!