Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Asos 4 Bad Budgets

Being on a wedding budget has seriously curbed my clothing + beauty budget.

So I had to come up with a way to get get bang for my buck.

Solution 1- a new "day to day" hairdresser. Yes a risky, risky trial with a lady in Bentleigh with a backyard studio. She charges FIFTY DOLLARS FOR COLOUR + BLOW WAVE !!!!

Here is tonight's result... Colour is great. I am holding off cutting my hair until the wedding so it's very very frazzled. And my fringe is at an uneven mess. I am scared to let anyone touch it!

Gosh, just looking at my cut is annoying! haha.

It's gotten to stackhat proportions at times. Eg.

Next up- clothes! i want i want.

The solution -!

To make Asos even more guilt-free?

Asos SALE !! Holy moly.

Here's some stuff that arrived this week.

Dress that reminds me of Marc by Marc Jacobs.
That is why I bought it. I think it might be a bit young/ a bit not my colours!
I might give it a whirl this weekend though, if weather permits!

$8 (!!!) dress with bow back.
Thinking I might cut the skirt off and wear as a top.

The most trapezey dress ever made.
It's so voluminous, and as it is the size is roughly a size bigger than it should be.
Perfect Mexico breakfast gear I thought?

The best bit is the metallic thread... multicolour!

Mid calf length embellished Maxi.
Recent Asos dress worn with necklace from Andy.
(yay! I found something it matches perfectly)

This dress reminds me of Lonely Hearts (plus around ten kilos).

I admit it's not the most flattering of silhouettes, but still think it's so cool!

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